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I recently decided the time had come for a DIY front door makeover. Over the past 11 years, our front door has had a lot of use. Family and friends have been welcomed into our home through a beautiful red door. At least it used to be beautiful.

Afternoon sun, hurricanes, a 1000 year flood and South Carolina humidity had taken a toll on my beautiful red door. It was dull and had paint chipping in various spots. Not exactly the welcome that I wanted to give our guests.

Curb appeal is important to me and this door needed a makeover ASAP! Fortunately, (or unfortunately for my husband!), I’ve watched enough HGTV to hatch a masterplan to redo the door ourselves! My husband just LOVES my DIY projects! LOL

The Plan

It was obvious that the door needed some sanding and a new coat of paint. The color, kind of paint and timing of this project was put in my hands and I “ran” with it.

I wanted the door to match our DIY stained garage doors so the color would be a dark brown. The house numbers, kickplate, door knocker and handle would need to be silver, so they would show up on the dark color of the door.

My husband wasn’t to sure about my vision, but he learned a long time ago that I’m usually right and “happy wife, happy life”!

The one thing we did agree on was that the door needed to come down and we would spray paint it. This actually made me so happy because I am a gal who loves a can of spray paint!

The variety and quality of spray paint have drastically improved over the years. You can find just about every color, even metallics for just about every kind of surface.

I find spray paint to be a very inexpensive solution to breathing “new life” into a worn out item. Whether it’s furniture, picture frames, metal hardware or a front door, spray paint can transform “ugly” into a “thing of beauty”.

The Process

Since we would need to take the door down, I knew we needed the perfect weather day. It couldn’t be too hot or too cold. Also, it couldn’t rain since we would be spraying everything outside in the driveway.

I watched the weather meticulously, looking for that perfect weather weekend. And just like that, it happened! A Saturday that would be overcast but pleasant with no rain and low humidity. This was our window to move this project into the “done” zone.

I bought plenty of spray paint and prepped my husband for Saturday’s mission. We would start in the morning and be done by dinnertime. I was confident in my plan and everything was a GO! (Perhaps that paragraph was a little dramatic, but that it is exactly how excited I was for this project!)

Spray Paint Purchased

The Project

Saturday morning arrived and by 8:30a.m. Robby had the door down and was sanding it for me. To keep our dog inside and the bugs outside, I placed a baby gate and a sheet across the door opening. It worked perfectly.

Robby hard at work
Temporary closing off of doorway

Robby pressure washed everything including the hardware so it would be clean for painting. Once everything was dry, I started applying the first coat of spray paint to the door. For anyone considering this kind of project, I highly recommend purchasing a trigger for spray cans. They are inexpensive and will save your hand and provide a more even coverage of paint.

The transformation with just one coat was amazing. I could see my vision coming to life.

While the first coat dried, I spray painted all the door fixtures “silver chrome”. I was a little nervous about how it would turn out but the bright silver was gorgeous.

First Coat of paint on door
pic of door hardware
pic of first coat of silver on hardware

As a side note, any time you work with metallic paint, it will play tricks on your eyes. The way the light catches the metallic color can cause you to miss spots. It can be quite a challenge to make sure you cover everything evenly.

After putting away some laundry inside, I came back out and sprayed on coat number two. I could tell that this was going to cover the old red paint completely and would likely be the last coat.

The door fixtures received one more coat as well and now all that was left was to wait. The sun began to emerge, so we carefully moved the door and fixtures onto the porch so they would dry properly without the heat of the direct sun.

The Finish Line

Around 5:00p.m., we decided the door was dry enough to reinstall all the fixtures and to attempt rehanging. This DIY front door makeover was approaching the finish line!

While the door was dry to the touch, we couldn’t handle it with any force yet. It takes a solid 24 hours for the paint to completely dry.

Robby was a trooper and gently got everything back on the door. Rehanging it took a little extra effort, but he got it done! Robby rocks!!!!

As we stood back and admired our work, we both agreed “it looks great”! What a transformation! And YES, Robby loved it!

Pic of almost finished DIY Front Door Makeover

Final Thoughts

Hard to believe a vision, a little “elbow grease” and a can of spray paint can give new life to what was old and worn. This DIY front door makeover was definitely a success.

P.S. After putting my “freshened up” wreath on the door, I realized that my lanterns needed a little love as well. So, I got some cardboard out and spray painted the lanterns too! Satisfied, I put the spray cans away and at last I think I’m DONE!!

Pic of finished DIY Front Door Makeover
Finally Satisfied!

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