CORONAVIRUS – The Season of Restrictions

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It seems COVID-19 has taken over our lives, media streams and our sanity!! I admit the latest restrictions on schools, restaurants and daily living is like nothing I have ever experienced. The introvert in me should be happy to stay at home, however, the nonconformist in me suddenly wants to go everywhere!! I suppose no one likes being forced into “stay at home containment”.

As an empty nester, planning for 15 days at home is much easier than for those with little ones and school age children. Suddenly parents are becoming homeschool teachers and taking on new roles. I don’t envy that at all!!

I hope that our efforts as a nation to curb the infection rate through “social distancing” will make a difference. The main thing is to focus on doing what you can control in your household.

Such things as boosting your immune system, staying hydrated and rested, exercising, washing hands, not touching face, and eating well will go a long way toward prevention and staying healthy.

Remember prevention is key! Stay home, wash your hands and let’s not forget to be kind to one another. We are all feeling the stress of the unknown. Stay healthy and well everyone!

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