Robby and I have recently returned from another weekend trip to our “cabin in the woods”. We traveled over the 4th of July weekend and planned to stick close to the cabin. With Covid19 numbers rising we decided to keep it simply and just get enough groceries for the weekend, grill and simply relax withContinue reading “ADVENTURES IN THE WOODS”


This past week I was able to focus my time and attention on completing a DIY project to refinish a bedroom side table. This was a table that belonged to my husband’s grandmother. It had some damage to the finish on the top and it was never really “my style”. After 23 years, I finallyContinue reading “‘LOCKDOWN’ DIY PROJECT TABLE REDO”


It’s week 7 of COVID19 “lockdown”/”stay at home” order and I decided to busy myself with a DIY project that has been neglected for several years. Our front porch has iron railings that are supposed to be black but after 20 years of South Carolina weather, they were a rusted shade of light grey. IContinue reading “ANOTHER “LOCKDOWN” DIY PROJECT”


It hardly feels like Easter weekend. Quarantine and “stay at home” orders have changed everything. With no social “cues”, every day seems much the same …. even this Easter weekend. I didn’t even bother to get out my Easter decor because there would be no one to see it, not even my grandchildren. I didn’tContinue reading “A DIFFERENT KIND OF EASTER”

CORONAVIRUS – The Season of Restrictions

It seems COVID-19 has taken over our lives, media streams and our sanity!! I admit the latest restrictions on schools, restaurants and daily living is like nothing I have ever experienced. The introvert in me should be happy to stay at home, however, the nonconformist in me suddenly wants to go everywhere!! I suppose noContinue reading “CORONAVIRUS – The Season of Restrictions”