I am so excited to reveal this project. My husband gets all the credit as he did all the labor. He believed in my idea and “made it happen”. Our house has an L shaped front entrance with the front door/porch and garage all facing the driveway. We are blessed with a 3 car garage,Continue reading “GARAGE DOOR GEL STAIN PROJECT”


Well, I have been at again…..another project to keep me busy during COVID19 “lockdown”. I had another piece of furniture that was inherited from Robby’s grandmother that had incurred some damage and needed a “makeover”. This is a larger piece than my previous project, but I had a vision, a plan, and time to doContinue reading “ANOTHER LOCKDOWN DIY CHEST REDO”

10 Do-It-Yourself Tips to Cut and Color Your Hair at Home

Thought this article is so timely as all of us are looking for the reopening of salons and barber shops. Take control and reboot your hair health by learning some DIY skills that just might become part of your new normal even when salons do reopen. Source: 10 Do-It-Yourself Tips to Cut and Color YourContinue reading “10 Do-It-Yourself Tips to Cut and Color Your Hair at Home”