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I recently watched a commercial all about beauty products for eyebrows. I didn’t realize there was so much needed for them to look great and keep up with brow trends! It made me laugh a little and reminisce about my own “brow” story.

A Little History

My mom grew up during the depression. The style at that time was to pencil in your eyebrows. She had fair skin, blue eyes and light brown hair. Her brows were thin and I watched her “draw” them on her face a million times. She wouldn’t leave the house without her brows and a little lipstick.

It wasn’t until I was older that I realized that everyone else did not “draw” on their brows. I was the kid with hazel eyes, ruddy skin and brown hair. Also, I had a very healthy set of brows. In fact, I had to work hard to avoid the dreaded “unibrow”!!

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My Brow Story

In the early 80’s, I spent many hours in the Merle Norman Studio having electrolysis removal of my brow overgrowth. Many of my girlfriends did as well. Those were the good old days!!!

Growing up in the 80’s the trend was a more natural brow and I succeeded for the most part in taming the two “beasts” above my eyes. After having most of the excess brows removed by electrolysis, only a little plucking was necessary to stay in step with the trend.

Then comes the 90’s and the skinny brow. It took me a while to catch on to this one and meant trouble for a girl with such healthy brows. A professional would need to be called in. And so began the days of brow waxing appointments. I must admit that this is my preferred brow look. It goes well with my glasses and I just like the clean look.

There were many women who tried to DIY the skinny brow look with disastrous results. Good thing you can just “draw” them back on! LOL

Mom With Teenage Girls

The skinny brow trend continued into the 2000’s and this meant taming the brows of my daughters as well. Let’s just say we all were blessed in the brow area! Trying to keep everyone waxed was quite the challenge and expensive.

As our lives got busier and the trends are always changing, more natural brows emerged in the mid 2000’s. This meant less waxing and more plucking from home. We gals could now manage our brows on our own.

Continuing Trends

As Instagram became very popular in 2015, so did a very unique brow called “The Instagram Brow”. It was a statement look. The brows were big, bold and very structured. At the same time art began to influence brows as well.

Women began sporting brows with designs, colors, cuts and even jewels in them. Let’s just say this was not a look I was interested in. Here’s a link to a lovely article in Cosmopolitan by Ruby Buddemeyer for more details on brow trends.

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Final Thoughts

Getting back to the commercial that started this whole post, it seems to me that brow trends have come full circle. Once again the trend is to “draw” on your brows. My mom would be in style if she was still with us!

This thought made me giggle! Thinking of all the times my mom drew on her brows and all the time I spent trying to make mine “skinny” adds up to quite a lot of effort for such a small part of our face!

Well, it seems natural brows are in for 2021 but I think I’ll settle somewhere in the middle and keep my favorite “skinny brow”.

In the end, whether you pluck them, wax them, draw them on or add to them, do what looks best on you!!!

Keep being your awesome self!

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