One of the most difficult things you will ever do is have tough conversations with an aging loved one about their health and independence. These are major life transitions which may include loss of driving privileges, financial control, in-home care or assisted living.

I can tell you from my own personal experience that these conversations are not easy. You will likely have disagreements as well. But, how you have the conversation is just as important as what you say.

These seven tips will help you and your loved one work through the issues and find resolution.

Start Talking Before A Crisis

Do not wait until a crises happens to begin talking with your loved one about important transitions. Fewer choices are available when you wait until your loved one is in the midst of a physical or financial crises.

When bringing up these tough issues, let your loved one know that it is because you are concerned for their well being. You want to work with them to do what is best.

Being proactive before a crises occurs will help prevent conflict and stress. Having a plan of action gives everyone confidence in the decision making process.

family gathering for a group hug
Family working together
Include Family Members

If you have siblings, it is very important to have the tough conversations with them first. Getting the perspective of all family members is crucial. Discussing the issues as well as determining each siblings willingness to participate will create unity in working with your loved one.

Every family is different and there is no single strategy that will work. Many conversations may be needed before you ever talk to your aging loved one.

Express Empathy

When you decide to talk with your aging loved one, try to see things from their perspective. Express empathy and understanding that transitional changes mean loss in their world. Being able to discuss loss of health, finances, mobility and control will provide an opportunity to talk about alternatives.


How you communicate your concerns is so important. Respect the life experience of your loved one and express your concerns without telling them what to do or giving your opinion. A better method of conversation is to ask open-ended questions that foster discussion.

Include Your Loved One

As long as your aging loved one is of sound mind, they should be included in the decision making process. Choice is the most effective way to make them feel that they still have control of their lives. Giving your loved one a voice and allowing them to participate will create a desire to follow along with the suggested changes.


When having tough conversations with an aging loved one, you are going to run into disagreements. Even though you may believe that you are right, you must not insist on getting your way at the expense of your relationship. Reassure your loved one that you are on their side and want the best care for them. Again, as long as your loved one is of sound mind and not in danger of crises, agree to disagree. There will be more days for more conversations.

What If It’s Not Going Well

Because these conversations are so tough, you may find that your loved one is resistant to talk or make any decisions. This may be an opportunity to involve a third party such as to provide counsel, guidance and expert assistance. Their resource “Starting the Conversation” is a terrific guide for caregivers. You may also want to read my article “4 Ways To Keep Elderly Loved Ones Active“.

Keep in mind that making important transitional life decisions is not going to happen in one conversation. Maintaining an open dialogue and reassuring your loved one of your respect, care and support of their well being will lead you all to make united decisions. Click the link below to get started!


What defines a fragrance for the mature woman? The answer is sophistication! It is no surprise that my favorite classic perfume is Chanel No.5.

A classic perfume should reflect the woman you have have become. A woman who is sophisticated, confident, mature and knows who she is and what she likes. Authenticity is key.

As I have aged, my tastes have fluctuated. Sometimes following the seasons and sometimes life! In Summer something light is appropriate. In Fall and Winter a fragrance with more depth is desirable. Strength of scent should always be subtle and work in harmony.

Favorite Scents

Most women agree that the fragrances listed below fall in to the classic perfume category:

  1. Chanel No. 5 – represents the feminine woman since 1921.
  2. Yves Saint Laurent – Black Opium – warm and seductive scent.
  3. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue – spreads allure and romance.
  4. Marc Jacobs – Daisy – simple, beautiful and pure.
  5. Lancome – La Vie Est Belle – life is beautiful, expresses joyful femininity.
  6. Grace by Philosophy – clean subtle beauty
  7. Estee Lauder – Beautiful – rich blend of flowers and warm wood.

All of these scents and more can be found at Sephora.

I have always loved the scent of perfume. My earliest memories are of my mother who loved Estee Lauder’s White Linen Perfume. This perfume smells delicate, fresh and is quite lasting. I can still remember the scent of her clothes when walking by. To this day, the smell of White Linen brings back memories of mom!

My love for Chanel No. 5 began many years ago. I simply fell in love with its complex combination of florals and musks. It is a modern fragrance that has stood the test of time. Hopefully a scent that will bring fond memories to my daughters and grandchildren for years to come. Click the link below to get yours today!

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With the holidays approaching and decorating in full swing, I always find areas in my home that need some attention and organization. Keeping it simple and affordable are always important factors. Here are 8 budget friendly home organization ideas from Lakeside Collection that may be just what you need.

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1. File Organization

Keeping track of important papers and receipts can be a challenge. This beautiful faux leather file organizer will make the task much easier. It is great looking and sturdy. The double handles make it easy to carry and move from room to room. This file organizer can hold hanging files or regular file folders.
2. Internet Address & Password Logbook

Technology is terrific but keeping up with accounts, login information and passwords is difficult. I prefer the “old school” way of tracking this information by writing it down. This address and password logbook offers everything you need to keep track of your internet accounts. It comes in several colors and contains 144 pages. The discreet cover makes it look like a journal.
3. Utensil Storage

In every kitchen there is that one drawer that contains a scattered display of your kitchen utensils. This enamel utensil caddy is a great way to keep your most used utensils right at your fingertips. No more searching through drawers trying to find what you need. The storage caddy will look great on your countertop and keep everything within reach.
4. Drawer Dividers

Having properly stored the utensils, that messy kitchen drawer comes next. This is one of my favorite home organization ideas. These snap fit drawer dividers really make a difference in how much you can place in a drawer. The dividers are adjustable and have no slip foam grips. This is the perfect way to organize items of varied shapes and textures. No more excuses for not being able to locate your things.
5. Rolling Storage Bins

Having plenty of cabinet space is wonderful. Keeping those cabinets organized is the challenge. I find that using storage bins to group like items helps to keep the cabinet from becoming a place to just throw everything in. These rolling storage bins are the perfect solution. The four wheels and clear plastic make them easy to pull out and see what’s inside. Kitchen and bathroom cabinets are the perfect place for these rolling storage bins.
6. Shoe Storage

I personally have the most difficulty with storing my shoes. There is not enough built in shoe storage in my closet. This tiered shoe storage rack provides the solution. It can be adjusted to fit any closet. The tiered stand provides visibility and ease of access to all of your shoes.
7. Storage Bins with Lids

Every household has a need for storage bins. Personally, I don’t believe that you can ever have too many. This set of 3 patterned bins and lids will look great in any cabinet or shelf. The handles make them easy to move. The lids keep everything discreetly hidden inside. This would be a lovely addition to any bathroom or bedroom.
8. Kids Car Organizer

Let’s don’t forget the car and the kiddos! We all know that kids and grandkids are likely going to make a mess in your car. This backseat car organizer neatly stores toys and necessities for every trip. The different sized pockets provide storage for small and larger items. It is adjustable and can even be personalized!

I hope that you have found these home organization ideas helpful. Click any of the links above to get started on your own home organization project. Don’t miss out on these ideas and other great prices and deals as well …. just click the link below.


I just finished reading Lysa Terkeurst book entitled “It’s Not Supposed To Be This Way“. I chose this book as a part of a book study with a group of women from my church. This book did not disappoint.

I am familiar with Lysa’s ministry Proverbs 31 Ministries and I have heard her speak before. However, I have not read any of her other books.

This book tells the story of what life looks like when things don’t go the way we expected them to go. What does normal look like when your life is completely turned upside down?

Lysa has tremendous insight and encouragement in telling her own personal story for the benefit of everyone who reads this book. I found the book to be a treasure chest of wisdom and relief because I could relate so well. In fact, everyone can relate because we all have or will have messy experiences in our lives.

Unpredictable change can bring great stress in our lives and make us feel out of control. The truth is, we aren’t meant to control everything. We aren’t meant to have all the answers. In fact much of the time we must simply take a step forward in faith day by day.

We often want to avoid all pain, discomfort and inconvenience. The problem is that this is the stuff that creates our journey. The heartbreak, the pain and the stuff that doesn’t work out all leads us to discover, change and become stronger for the new normal in our lives.

This book is a beautiful yet “real” picture of disappointment and redemption that will encourage everyone who reads it. Life isn’t easy and is often messy but we must never view the entirety of our lives through the lens of only one moment. We must step back and view the whole picture of where we started, how far we have come and where we are headed.

This book was a joy to read and I highly recommend it as a “must read”.



It’s no secret that I don’t love to cook and the question of “what’s for dinner” is always on my mind. The solution to my problem is meal kit delivery from Hello Fresh.

Here is a glimpse of one of this weeks meals. I chose a plan for dinner for two for three meals a week. This week’s box did not disappoint. The Honey-Drizzled Paprika Chicken is easy to prepare and delicious.

The box arrived as expected and on time. Each meal is packed with all of the ingredients that you will need along with the recipe and instructions.

After a tiring day, I chose an easy prep meal with Honey Drizzled Paprika Chicken. The picture looked delicious and how can you go wrong with chicken and green beans!

I found the directions detailed well and easy to follow. I cooked the chicken and biscuits in one pan and I steamed the beans in the microwave. There was hardly any cleanup!

The last picture shows the plated finished product. I think I did a pretty good job! My husband agreed!

Why you should consider Hello Fresh meal kit delivery
  • There are plans to fit every budget.
  • Plenty of recipes from which to choose
  • Each week the recipes change
  • Perfectly proportioned meals with no waste
  • Convenience

It is a true convenience to have three meals each week already planned for me. I love that everything you need is packaged together and I don’t have to worry about having all of the ingredients.

Meal kit delivery has definitely reduced my “what’s for dinner” stress. I am excited to try the new recipes and am learning some extra skills in the kitchen.

With school and work starting back again, Hello Fresh’s meal kit delivery is the perfect option to make dinner a little easier. Just pick your plan, select your meals and everything you need will arrive at your door.

Click the link above to get your plan started today! For more information about the benefits of meal kit delivery, read my post “No Fuss Cooking Using Pre-Planned meals“.


I finally made time to display my fall decorations in my family room and porch. Fall is my favorite season and each year I add a few new decor items to my collection. Simple and affordable fall decorations give me the look I want while being budget friendly.

Lakeside Collections is my “go to” online shopping source for fall decor. The selection is broad and the prices can’t be beat!

This year I added 2 three-tiered pumpkins to my front porch. I love the height they added to my containers. They have a removable post on the bottom so they can stand alone or be inserted into containers or hay bales. Click here to take a closer look!

Here are some pictures of how these easy and affordable fall decorations look on my porch.

Last year I purchased from Lakeside Collection a cute squirrel to add to my console table. He looks right at home with the other decor.

I am so happy with how this year’s decorating has turned out. Keeping it simple and easy to store is always on my mind. I’ll share a few more pics and everything fall fits into two storage totes. This makes putting it out and cleaning it up super easy!

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I must admit that one of the things I enjoy the most is a great glass of wine. Personally, I prefer white wines as red wine tends to give me a headache. Over the years I have gained a little knowledge about wine, however, way to often I choose by how well I like the bottle design! A better option is to discover your wine style!

Learning about wine can be a little intimidating. I have attended several wine tastings and the knowledge of the Sommelier is always impressive. I enjoy the process, but in the end, I honestly just like trying the wine!

Currently, I tend to purchase wine at the same time a buy my groceries. Most grocery stores have a pretty good selection, but the bottles don’t come with descriptions. I like to try new wines but I never know if it’s going to to be good or worth the price.

There is a solution. Have you ever considered wine home delivery? offers the convenience of at home delivery and guides to help you discover your wine style.

Benefits of Home Delivery
  • A wine expert is always available to help and answer any questions.
  • Huge selection of wines from all over the world
  • Affordable pricing on wines and wine sets.
  • Gifts and gift baskets available
  • Virtual wine tasting opportunities as well as wine tasting sets
  • How to guides and lots of information about wine.

Just imagine how great it would be to never run out of wine! You would also have the confidence that you have purchased a great wine at a great price. You might even be able to impress your friends with your new “wine knowledge”. Click the link below to discover your wine style!

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Here’s to good food, good wine and good friends!