As I mentioned in my last post, Robby and I were able to spend the Thanksgiving holiday at our cabin in Maggie Valley, aka “My Happy Place”. We packed up our Thanksgiving leftovers and our dogs and headed out to the valley. Since we traveled on Thanksgiving day, there was very little traffic and we arrived by lunch time.

The weather was cool and sunny and even though the leaves had fallen, the beauty of this place still amazes me. We enjoyed some walking in the woods and a few sidewalks/trails. Fresh crisp air filled my lungs and reminded me that I’m alive. As we walked by Jonathon Creek, the sound of rushing water soothed my soul and in those moments, all is well.

The cabin is my place for being refreshed. My routine is different and so is my perspective. When I travel to the cabin I leave the concerns of daily life back home and my focus is just to be present in the beauty and peace of this place. My perspective is always better and when I return home, I am better able to tackle my “regular” life once again.

Here are a few more reasons why I love this place so much…..

Mountain view from Jonathan Creek
Walking Charlie and Chiclet
Where the road leads….

Looking forward to next month’s visit already!!!!

So what’s the take away…..

  • We all need a time of refreshment
  • A change of location often creates a change of perspective
  • Nature’s beauty inspires
  • Find your happy place and when it calls, GO!


Well this was our second year in what I call our “transition season”, that is the empty nest! With one daughter in Savannah and working retail and the other daughter close by but whose in-laws and extended family are many; Robby and I decided to veer from our usual Thanksgiving day lunch and try something different.

Since our youngest wasn’t going to able to visit at all, and our oldest often feeling the pressure on Thanksgiving day to visit multiple family members with the grandchildren, I offered to have our meal on Wednesday night. This way our daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren could have a much less stressful day. Now before you think me too sweet, Robby and I would also be able to go to our cabin for the whole holiday!!! Win Win for everyone.

As it turned out, this was a great idea and worked well for everyone. I had all day Wednesday to prepare for dinner and it was nice not having to worry about getting a turkey in the oven at 5:00a.m. (HAHAHA) My daughter and grandchildren came over a little early so they could play with my puppies and all their toys. We even had time to have a group Face Time chat with our daughter in Savannah. Her nieces just loved getting to talk to her on video and she still felt included even though not in person. We even took a family pic with her in the video!!!

I wouldn’t necessarily say that I love change, but I am always open to what works best for our family. Celebrating Thanksgiving should be easy and joyful, not stressful and rigid as to a particular day or tradition. Robby and I realize that how we celebrate will likely evolve again as we will eventually add more in-laws into the mix. Adult children will move around and establish their own traditions. The important thing for us to be able to connect with our family and do so in a way that brings joy and happiness for us all.

So what’s the take away…..

  • Don’t get stuck in rigid cultural/family expectations
  • The spirit of Thanksgiving is more important than a particular day
  • Determine your boundaries and let loved ones know what you can and can’t accommodate
  • Enjoy your family…..reconnect, laugh, relax.


As I mentioned in my last post, we recently assisted our youngest daughter with her move to a new apartment which was literally 3 minutes down the block. All went smoothly except for one thing ….. transferring the cable/internet/WiFi service!!! As if that’s a big surprise to anyone reading this. I, the ever optimist, really thought we would be able to simply move the equipment, plug it in and all would work, just like the company said. Boy was I in fantasy land!!!!!

So set up of Wifi/TV was my undertaking and after plugging everything in, it was obvious there was a problem. Now to the mysterious land of troubleshooting I must go. I made the first call for assistance and the person on the other end could barely speak English so I was quickly transferred to someone with better language skills. I spent 2 hours being passed around to various folks all trying to get me to follow their “troubleshooting” instructions which I did.

It was obvious to me within 20 minutes that we needed a technician to come out since the equipment was working fine just 2 hours earlier at the old apartment. It was determined that the equipment was bad (completely ridiculous) and I must go to the local store and get new equipment. Also, they would not give me an appointment for a technician until I had tried to self-install new equipment. I voiced my dissatisfaction but went out and got the new equipment. Of course, it didn’t work either and another call was made, more time was wasted, but I finally got an appointment for technician installation at a $75 fee.

My husband and I returned to Florence and left our daughter to handle the rest. The technician showed up, found there was a problem with the line, repaired said problem and then left!! My daughter wasn’t experienced enough to know that he was supposed to set everything up before leaving, so here I go again with 2 more hours of phone calls and troubleshooting with folks who were trying very hard to help but the language barrier was a real issue and a simple fix turned into a real mess.

Finally, after yelling (not my best self or finest moment) I was transferred to someone who understood me and our problem. Within 10 minutes she had everything activated for the WiFi and internet which I had previously hooked up before leaving Savannah; my daughter was happy with that; and I was mentally exhausted. It was later that evening that she informed me the TV didn’t work.

We decided to Facetime and see if I could help her resolve the problem. Imagine our surprise when we discovered that the technician didn’t even open the package for the cable box. He installed nothing!!! Good thing I had watched YouTube videos for installation so I guided my daughter through the self-installation process. Hallelujah, it worked and her TV now has cable and WiFi.

So….. what’s my point in sharing?

  • Transferring cable/internet/WiFi by moving equipment; plug in and go, probably isn’t going to work.
  • Most companies won’t give you a technician appointment until you have picked up new equipment and tried a self install. Plan accordingly.
  • Next move…….we are cancelling current service and starting new service which does allow you to get a technician to do it.

By the way, I am quite sure they are as glad to NOT hear from me as I am to NOT need to call them!!!


This past Sunday and Monday, my husband and I traveled to Savannah, Georgia to assist our 20 year old daughter with moving into her new apartment. She is a SCAD student and also works in Savannah and was moving from a 1 bdrm into a 2bdrm duplex just up the street. We moved her into her first apartment by ourselves and we learned a huge lesson. WE CAN’T MOVE FURNITURE ANYMORE!!!

While Robby and I still see ourselves as young, our over 50 bodies do have some limits and hauling heavy furniture is one of those limits. This time we hired help!!! In fact, we hired Two Men and a Truck to assist us. We did our own packing and they simply hauled it from one location to the next and everything worked like I planned. FYI, I purchased all the moving supplies from them and had them delivered to my daughter. She was able to pre-pack all of the unnecessary items and so the rest was easy to complete. Their rates were reasonable and they were very professional and efficient. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering a move, especially a local move.

Although packing and moving was a big and tiring task, I really enjoyed working side by side with my daughter. She learned a few things about packing and time spent with your adult child is always time well spent. The best part was seeing her take charge at the new place and direct where she wanted furniture and things placed. It makes a momma proud to see your adult children maturing in responsibility and managing their lives.

The task at hand was definitely tiring and time consuming, but we did throw in a little fun together getting take out and even managing to drag our tired selves to a nice restaurant for dinner together. This was definitely a memory maker!

So….what are the take aways?????

  • Know your limitations and hire help
  • Plan,plan, plan – utility transfers and packing don’t happen by themselves
  • Bring pain reliever……your gonna need it! lololol
  • Enjoy time with your adult child.
  • Hope they don’t move again for a good while!!!!


So one of my goals this year was to purpose to get out of my comfort zone, be bold and try some things that I’ve always wanted to do. Sounds great, except I am an introvert and rule follower, so “thinking” and “getting” outside of the box doesn’t come naturally for me.

My husband helped give me a little push as he won me horse riding lessons at a silent auction charity event we attended. He knew this was something that I had been wanting to do and just like that, I WAS THE WINNER.

I did pursue and complete the lessons and I can confidently say that it was a great experience. Not only was it enjoyable, but it was mentally and physically challenging. Each week I grew in confidence and ability with the horse. Strangely enough, this experience also gave me the courage to want to try more new things.

While fear is the biggest reason we all prefer to stay in our comfort zones, the benefits of trying new things far outweigh the negative. Here is what I learned:

  • I met some wonderful new people.
  • I broke up my regular routine.
  • I learned what I liked and didn’t like.
  • My confidence grew in my ability to take on new skills.
  • I felt fulfillment and satisfaction in my life.

So…..just want to encourage anyone thinking about trying something new to BE BOLD and give it a try!!!

Birthday Thoughts

Hello everyone! Well today is my birthday and I thought it appropriate for this to be the day I write my first post and launch my blog!! I am so grateful for my husband, daughters, brother and friends who have wished me a happy birthday through calls, texts and messages. I have been smiling all morning just thinking how blessed I am for everyone who has taken time to think of me.

As I reflect on the past year, I am reminded that life will never be completely predictable. There have been hard things and wonderful things and mixtures of both throughout the past 12 months; but, one thing is for sure, God has been faithful and good to me; my friends and family have loved me well; and I am looking forward to what the next year holds.

As I look ahead, I hope to be intentional with my relationships, motivated to pursue my desires, pursue purposeful living and of course……. enjoy the journey! Here’s to turning 52!!!!