I have to confess that I do love a good DIY project. The mirror in my dining room has been on my radar for some time. The frame of the mirror was painted bright gold/brass. You know the look …. trying to make it look expensive but obviously fake gold! Well, I finally decided to make it happen. A “mirror makeover” was on the calendar!


To give a little history about the mirror, it belonged to my mother. It was a piece that she loved and suited the style of her formal living room/dining room quite well. While her clothes changed over the years, her furniture and home decor accessories did not!

The mirror hung above a serving table, in the same spot for as long as she lived. She loved it. I never thought too much about the mirror until she passed away in 2016. While she had a brief stay in an assisted living facility, she was able to live at home until the wonderful age of 87.

Upon her death, my brother and I were left with the task of clearing out the house. Let me say that this was quite the undertaking because my mom had stuff in every drawer and every closet. My brother arranged to have an estate sale for the bulk of the furniture and all we had to do was take what we wanted. Oh yeah, and get rid of tons of unsellable stuff that wound up in the trash heap.

The mirror, while gaudy, was quite nice. It was the perfect size for a dining room and I had just the spot for it. Upon getting it home, along with several pieces of her silver serving pieces, my husband hung it on the wall. There it was, in all it’s GOLD glory! I knew my mom was happy!

The Makeover

It’s now November 2020 and I knew it was time. I had previously repainted a piece of furniture metallic silver and then aged it with black wax. This was my plan for the mirror frame.

  1. I had my husband take down the mirror and put it on my dining room table. I had originally planned to put it on the floor but realized that I would need to paint the frame edges so the table was easiest.
  2. The next step was to place carboard under all of the edges to protect my table from paint and wax.
  3. Cleaning the frame came next and fortunately it didn’t really have a lot of dust on it. No need to get the toothbrush out for the ornate details! Yea!!!!!
  4. Tape the inside mirror edge to protect the mirror from paint and wax.
  5. Start painting!

I forgot to take a picture of it before I began painting. Sorry guys! The paint is so silky that I used a sponge brush to apply the first coat. This allowed me to get paint into the ornate details of the corners and the inside edge. This was a quick process and probably took me about 20 minutes. Now to let it dry!

About 3 hours later I checked the dryness of the paint and applied a second coat of the silver metallic paint. The lighting is not good in my dining room and metallic paint can be hard to work with because of how it interacts with the light. It appeared I had achieved a good coverage. I could see NO MORE GOLD!!


Because I planned to apply black wax to the finish, I needed to wait a minimum of 24 hours for the paint to fully dry. The next day I began applying the first coat of the black wax. I did use a brush that is designed for this process and the mirror makeover was taking shape.


After taking a look at my progress, I knew it wasn’t quite “there” yet! I applied another heavier coat of black wax to the frame. The transformation was amazing! I knew this was going to yield the result I wanted. Walking away to let it dry I could almost hear my mother say “I preferred it gold, but it looks nice!”


The mirror makeover is complete! My husband, Robby, kindly hung it on the wall so I could see it in the light where it would rest. The mirror has a new life and coordinates well with my other furniture and style. I hope it will be something my daughters or granddaughters will want to keep.

For now, the mirror hangs in my dining room with its fresh look! A little piece of my past. A remembrance of my mom. It is now perfect!

Here’s a few of my other DIY projects all using the black wax technique. “Lockdown” DIY Project Table Redo and Another Lockdown DIY Chest Redo.


I am confident to say that my favorite outfits always include a great pair of jeans. Denim is timeless and ageless. Finding stylish jeans for the mature woman can be a challenge. No woman over 50 wants to look like her daughters or grands! A perfect option is high rise wide leg cropped jeans.

Many women feel that this style is hard to wear. I believe that it can be very flattering for any body type if styled well. The key is keeping the proportions in balance from top to shoes.

Benefits of High Rise Wide Leg Cropped Jeans

One of the benefits of the high rise wide leg jeans is that it elongates your body. The high rise accentuates the waistline and the wide legs actually lengthen the appearance of your legs. This creates a lovely silhouette on most body types.

What Top to Wear With Wide Leg Jeans

What top or blouse to wear with high rise wide leg jeans gets a little tricky. You want to keep your style in scale so a long loose top is probably not the best choice for most women. The best option is to tuck in your top or choose short or cropped style tops.

Choosing a cropped style top can be scary for women over 50 as we don’t want our “middle” to show! Just because a top/blouse is short or cropped doesn’t mean it’s going to reveal some skin.
Shoes for High Rise Wide Leg Cropped Jeans

The extra good news is that you can wear just about any shoe style you want with these jeans. Whether you want to be casual or dressy, the choice is yours. Heels are a “knockout”! If you choose flats, whether sandals or sneakers, you will create the perfect casual look.

Take a little risk and give these jeans a try! Click the link below and take advantage of Banana Republic Factory’s free shipping on orders over $25. I bet they will become one of your favorites.

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As we age, many women find their complexion becoming uneven. Freckles and age spots or “dark spots” are the most common culprit. How to diminish the appearance of age spots is a common question.

Age spots are harmless and usually caused by sun exposure, acne and even changes in hormones. The technical name for age spots is hyperpigmentation.

The good news is that you can do something about them. There are many methods and products you can use at home to even out your complexion.

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Topical Creams

The most popular method to diminish the appearance of age spots is use of topical creams. These creams are applied directly on a spot by spot basis. While very effective, these products are strong and can only be used for a short time.

Retinol Solutions

Retinol solutions are products that contain Retin-A. They work by increasing cell turnover and promoting new skin growth. The down side is that they can be drying to the skin. These products also take a longer time to work.

Laser Treatments/Peels

A more invasive solution is seeking the help of a dermatologist or aesthetician for a laser treatment or skin peel. Laser treatments use concentrated light to burn away the layers of dark skin. This option is fast but more expensive and has greater risk of skin irritation and scarring.

Skin peels work by removing a layer of dead skin. This method is also effective but can cause skin irritation.

Over The Counter Products

You can find many over the counter products that can help diminish the appearance of age spots. These products usually have fewer risks of skin irritation or damage than other options.

The Good Housekeeping Institute Beauty Lab has developed a list of the best over the counter products to diminish the appearance of age spots. The #1 product is Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Serum. It produced the best results in reducing brown spots and shrinking pores. CLICK HERE to read the full article from Good Housekeeping. carries several Clinique products to diminish the appearance of age spots. Here is a link to products by Clinique.

In addition, carries a wide variety of brands and products to diminish the appearance of age spots. CLICK HERE to see all the brands and price ranges. You will find a product for every budget and skin type.

Don’t be caught by surprise! The holidays are right around the corner! Get your shopping done early and on budget by taking advantage of‘s value sets. Clink the link below to get your shopping started.

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Did you know that some wines are more suited for particular seasons? Fall is here and spicy wines are perfect for this chilly time of year. With a chill in the air, a sweater and seasonal wines for fall will help to warm the day.

A great seasonal wine for fall can add the perfect touch to a lovely dinner or time relaxing by the fire pit. It is definitely time to put away the light and fruity wines of summer and embrace a warmer wine for the cooler season.

Fall wines need to be a little bolder in their flavor to pair with richer foods. Reds tend to rule in the fall but some whites can be just as robust. Learning which wines are spicy and robust will make choosing easier.

Here is a list of seasonal fall wines to consider.

Wines Grown in Northern Rhone Region of France

Wines grown in this northern region of France typically have a spicy flavor with hints of black pepper and olive. Shop Saint Joseph Syrah from

Spanish Grenache Wines

Spanish Grenache wines have a spicy character with cinnamon flavors and cherry smells. Shop Priorat Garnacha from

Zinfandel from Sonoma California

Zinfandel wines from Sonoma California have a light bodied, fruity and rich spicy taste. This wine would pair well with BBQ or curry dishes. Shop Sonoma Zinfandel from

To learn more about Seasonal Wines for Fall read the fall wine guide from This guide will give you the information you need to choose a great fall wine. Food pairings are also suggested. The wine options and price ranges can’t be beat.

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Sweater weather is finally here and I couldn’t be happier! My preferred sweater is, of course, the cardigan. I love a great boyfriend sweater and this is my favorite fall cardigan sweater style for 2020. It is ageless and classic!

What Is The Boyfriend Cardigan

The boyfriend cardigan sweater is a looser fitting v-neck sweater. It generally has long sleeves and pockets on the sides. Ribbed trim can be found around the neck, cuffs and hem. This cardigan sweater style can be made from many fabrics, but the most popular is cotton. It is easy to wear and easy to care for by being machine washable.

The chunky boyfriend sweater pictured below is from Banana Republic Factory. I have this sweater in several neutral colors. My most recent purchase is a beautiful silver color.

Why Do Women Love The Boyfriend Cardigan

Women love the boyfriend cardigan sweater style because of its straight cut. The loose fit allows the sweater to both reveal and conceal our curves. It’s not shapeless, but gives glimpses of our feminine shape.

The sweater is classically chic without the effort. The loose fit allows it to be worn buttoned or not. A t-shirt underneath is just as stylish as a beautiful blouse. It simply wraps you in cozy comfort.

The boyfriend cardigan sweater style can go anywhere. It is the perfect transition piece as the weather moves from warm to cool. And let’s not forget that ladies love having pockets on the sides.

This style is very flexible. It can easily be worm with a fitted dress or slacks for the office. For every day wear, throw it over a t-shirt and jeans and you are ready to go. You will always look “put together” with this fashion piece.

In fact, this is the one piece that you should purchase in multiple colors because it is so practical.

Click the link below to take advantage of Banana Republic Factory’s free shipping on orders of $25 or more. Don’t miss out on adding this classic boyfriend cardigan sweater style to your fall wardrobe!

Happy Sweater Weather Everyone!

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There was no wondering what’s for dinner this week. Hello Fresh meal kit delivery solved my dinner woes! This week’s box did not disappoint!

My meal kit delivery subscription includes three meals for two each week. I choose the recipes and Hello Fresh does everything else except cook the food. Having all the ingredients and recipe instructions makes cooking so easy.

In addition, I have learned how to prepare sauces and some new cooking techniques. For someone who doesn’t really enjoy cooking, this has been a great experience.

I wanted to share a little snapshot of this week favorite dish: Salmon in a creamy dijon chive sauce. I have never cooked salmon in my life and it was so easy. The side dish is roasted potato wedges and lemon seasoned zucchini. The glass of wine was added by me. A nice Reisling to top off the meal!

Not only did my husband rave over this dish, but my pups were begging to get a bite!


When I started this subscription, I wasn’t sure how it would work out. Would the food be fresh and easy to prepare? Would I need to purchase “extras” for the recipes?

The answer is that Hello Fresh makes this process so easy and seamless.

  • All ingredients from produce to meat are indeed fresh and included.
  • Each recipe is packaged separately and clearly marked.
  • Recipe cards are easy to follow with plenty of pictures.
  • The food tastes great!!!
  • There is no waste as they are perfectly portioned for two people.
  • The cost is effective in that I am not spending as much at the grocery store each week.

Because I love to learn, I find my time in the kitchen now, trying new recipes to be fun. My husband has really enjoyed my expanded dinner menu!

Each Monday a new box arrives and I can hardly wait to get it open. Meal kit delivery has had a positive impact and made my life so much less stressful. We are eating better food and it is better for us.

Don’t pass by an opportunity to give it a try yourself. Click below to get your subscription started.


About a week ago, I made a trip to my “happy place”! It was just me and my pups at my cabin in the woods. I was looking forward to a little time alone with the quiet.

I arrived on a Thursday afternoon with my laptop and Ipad. The only thing on the agenda was reading and a little work on the computer. The weather was gorgeous and the leaves on the mountains are just starting to change colors.

Once the pups were settled, I headed off to the grocery store. The store is surrounded by mountains, so the view is spectacular! I only needed a few things so shopping was quick. I headed home for some time on the porch.

Through the glass doors I could see that the porch needed a little sweeping. Upon further inspection, I realized that our bear, “Smokey” had visited the porch deck and tried to steal a large bag of charcoal. The bag was heavy and I am sure he was not gentle. He had burst it open and poured charcoal all the way down the steps to the ground level deck! I had quite the mess to clean up!!

Since Robby wasn’t with me, I would have to wait to see if our field camera had gotten a few shots of our naughty bear! We did learn a lesson and will not keep charcoal on the deck anymore! LOL

The pups enjoyed quite a few walks up our steep driveway and on the roads above our cabin. There are so many new smells and they love to track every scent. I always check for animal tracks and “other” evidence to see what’s been nearby. The only obvious animal presence were dozens upon dozens of squirrels and chipmunks gathering nuts for the coming cold.

Friday morning ushered in another gorgeous day. The weather was cool and crisp with plenty of sunshine. I used the blower to rid the decks of leaves and spider webs. Then I rewarded myself with a sweet treat and beverage. It just doesn’t get any better than this. Listening to sounds of the woods. The crackling of the leaves and breeze whispering by. The pleasure of being alone with nature.

The weather turned wet and chilly on Saturday. I had planned on going into to town for a little window shopping. Since the rain was so persistent, I just stayed inside and enjoyed the sound of the rain falling on the leaves. This was perfect weather for reading by the fireplace and that’s just what I did.

Sunday brought more rain and warmer temps. This combination left a heavy fog to cover the whole mountain. While the day was gray, I did manage to get some lovely pics. A few are even a little spooky.

On one of the pups walks, I heard a strange animal noise. I knew it was some kind of bird but it wasn’t the ones we usually see. Upon topping the driveway, I looked to my right and saw a large wild turkey. Fortunately the pups didn’t see it or they would have been dragging me to chase it!

Later that evening I was taking a peek up the driveway and was surprised to see three wild turkeys walking around the upper driveway. I did manage to get a pic of my “guests”.

Once night fell, the fog remained and provided for a really spooky setting around the cabin. It’s funny how different the same setting can look with a little darkness and fog! I couldn’t help but think of how many scary movies have a cabin in the woods, in the dark with fog! Now determined NOT to FREAK myself out!!!!!

I planned to return home Monday morning. While drinking my morning coffee and reading my Bible, I reflected on my time alone. The quiet had been glorious and I achieved everything on my agenda. The change of scenery and slower pace refreshed my body and soul. A “reset” had happened and this is why my cabin in the woods is my “happy place”!

A week and half later, my husband went up to the cabin. He retrieved the pics from the field camera and got a few terrific shots of “Smokey”.

Can’t wait until our next adventure!