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Just Be Brave….

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

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Do you ever feel like you are different because you do not have a best friend and your friendships look different from others? Sometimes we find ourselves in seasons where our friendships have changed and we don’t have a best friend.

We may even find that rather than one steady friendship, we have multiple friend groups. The question of quality or quantity certainly applies but maybe not in the way we once thought.

Personally, in my early school years, I definitely had best friends. After high school, when everyone goes to college or work, that often changes.

Classes, projects and working full time kept me fairly busy. I was still social but not with just one friend.

Our entertainment culture often portrays women with a best friend and sometimes I have felt that I was missing out because I don’t have that kind of relationship.

Now I can say that after being married for many years, my husband is definitely my best friend. You can read more about him in my post “He Speaks My Love Language”. My daughters are lovely and I spend a lot of time talking with and being with them as well. Honestly, this is where most of my social energy goes.

My friend relationships consist of women in couples small group, women’s group from church and even through volunteering. I know that any one of them would be willing to help or support me and vice versa.

Perhaps what’s important is that you have relationships with others even if it’s not the “ride or die” kind. We need others and others need us. Sometimes when we only have one best friend, we miss out on other kinds of friendships that can keep our lives colorful and fun.

As the seasons of our lives change, its okay for our relationships to evolve as well. Some may grow and some may fade. One thing is certain, you will never regret being open, inclusive, compassionate and kind and allowing relationships to evolve organically.

Don’t feel pressured that you must have one best friend but rather pursue being very rich in a variety of friendships.


I believe everyone desires to have a long lasting and fulfilling relationship. Robby and I have been married for 25 years. Over the years many young couples have asked us what’s the secret to being married for so long? There is no short answer, but I believe there are 4 characteristics of a long lasting and fulfilling relationship.

First let me say that there is NO SECRET! Whether you are married or with a long time partner, you choose that relationship every day. That means that you choose to consider what’s best for your partner before yourself.

Any long term relationship is going to have good days and not so good days. Problems will come and go. The seasons of life will always be changing but these 4 characteristics are key to maintaining a long lasting and fulfilling relationship.

1. Friendship

Friendship is the most important characteristic of a thriving marriage relationship. If you aren’t friends then there is no way you can stay together. Become friends first and let the romance organically develop.

2. Thankfulness

Showing gratitude and being thankful for each other builds up the relationship. Knowing that you are appreciated for all you put in your relationship is a great reward. You can never give too much encouragement to your spouse or partner.

3. Don’t Be Negative

Criticism and nagging are relationship killers. You must respect and listen to the thoughts, feelings and needs of each other. Make time to check in to see if you are both on the “same page”. This is so important in regards to finances and parenting. You will never regret treating your spouse the way you would want to be treated.

4. Intimacy

Intimacy is the one area that changes the most as we age. Let’s be honest, eventually we all face the fact that our bodies don’t work as well in this area. The key is to realize that relationships are so much more than physical. Being present and spending time with each other is vital. Giving each other attention, or even a little space is how you stay tuned in with your spouse or partner.

Time spent together maintains a long lasting and fulfilling relationship
Time together

So I guess the “secret” is out. If you want to maintain a long lasting and fulfilling relationship then you must …..

  • First, Be Friends
  • Second, Be Thankful
  • Third, Be Encouraging and Kind
  • Fourth, Be Present and Connected


The weather may still be warm but Fall is upon us and Fall Fashion is showing up in the stores. Are you wondering what are the fall fashion trends for the mature woman? Here’s a look at what’s coming for 2020.


Metallic tops, jackets, skirts and pants are definitely a new addition for fall. Metallic pieces are definitely a statement piece. This might be a little scary for the mature woman because too much metallic and you will look like a clown. To embrace this trend, choose subtle metallic items and pair with regular colors and fabrics. This bag would make any outfit stand out!


Patterns, and specifically plaid are definitely a Fall classic. This is great news for me because I love, love, love “plaids”. You will find everything from vests, jackets, sweaters, tops, pants and skirts in plaids and other patterns.

A great plaid top paired with jeans or slacks is one of my favorite go to looks. In addition, a solid top paired with a plaid pant or skirt is a “smart” match. This is such a classic look that is should be an easy fall fashion trend for the mature woman to embrace. Take a closer look at this plaid pencil skirt. Just remember…..never mix different plaids together – it’s just too busy!


Scarves are definitely taking on a new look and use this Fall. Classic scarves for warmth will always be in style. However, this Fall season the neckerchief has made a comeback. One of my daughters, who works in retail, has embraced this trend and not only does she look great, but gets compliments all the time.

Scarves/neckerchiefs can be worn around the neck or even tied around your handbag. They really and some spunk to a blouse or sweater.

Tassels, Fringe & Ruffles

Yes it’s true! expect to see, tops, sweaters, jackets and pants with various decorative finishes around the edges. At first glance this may feel a little to young for the woman over 50. However, the addition of a fringed or ruffled piece is one of the Fall fashion trends the mature woman can embrace! Take a closer look at this fringed poncho!

Final Thoughts

Your style is your own! Wear what looks great on you and have some fun with the latest trends…..Just not all at once!!! If you want more encouragement, check out my post “Wear What You Want“!

Check out the link below for fall fashions and more!


This weekend I made a trip to our cabin in Maggie Valley, NC. I was excited to display my new and very affordable fall decor. Since I only get to visit about once a month, it was time for fall decorating to begin.

I have a running theme of black buffalo check throughout the living area of the cabin. I could hardly wait to display my new black plaid pumpkins from Lakeside Collections. These pumpkins look great on my mantle.

Black Plaid Harvest Pumpkins

They are wooden and have a stand on the back so you can place them anywhere! Since the living area is small, a few well placed decorations are all that I need.

Storage is also an important factor in the cabin. I do not have a lot of storage space so keeping it simple is a priority. Since the stand on the back of the pumpkins folds flat, I will easily be able to store them in the closet.

I found that the pumpkins perfectly match my pillows, chair swags and place mats for my table.

I could not be happier with the result! These pumpkins also come in orange. Check out the link below for these pumpkins and many more affordable fall decor.

Welcome Fall’s Warmth – Shop our harvest collection!

Don’t delay, you can get your fall decorating done at an affordable price! You may also want to check out my post Cute and Affordable Fall Decorations


Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to think about “what’s for dinner”? This is a question that plagues so many women of all ages. Whether you stay-at-home or work, we all want easy ways to feed our families well. The solution is no fuss cooking using pre-planned meals.

Choosing recipes and pre-planning your grocery list takes a lot of time and effort. There is nothing more frustrating than getting home only to realize you forgot something on the list. I have found this to be a hard habit to maintain.

What are Pre-Planned Meals

Pre-Planned Meals are services that provide weekly delivery of fresh food, measured ingredients and easy to follow recipes to prepare several delicious meals during the week. You get to choose the number of meals for delivery and the recipes you prefer. Hello Fresh is one of the top meal delivery services.

Benefits of Pre-Planned Meals from Hello Fresh
  • You get to choose from a variety of chef created recipes.
  • In addition, your stress will be reduced by fewer trips to the store, no pre-planning recipes, and easy clean up.
  • The recipes are simple to use with step by step instructions.
  • Also, you have flexibility of choice for appetite preference, household size and scheduling delivery.
  • Lastly, there is no waste as all ingredients are pre-measured and all materials are recyclable.

As a result of using the Hello Fresh pre-planned meals service, you will know exactly what to make for dinner. Cooking will be easier, your menu will be expanded and perhaps you will learn some new tricks in the kitchen. No more having the same thing over and over.

Hello Fresh makes it easy to try. They offer a variety of plans and delivery options. You can easily change those options or cancel anytime before the weekly delivery deadline.

Click the link below, get started today and leave your dinner worries behind!


Life has a way of letting you know that you DON”T really have it all under control! This lesson was made loud and clear this past week when my car and my garage door went to war with each other!

How It All Started

It was a Tuesday and I had quite a few things to accomplish. I am generally organized so I took on my tasks with gusto. On the agenda was laundry, grocery shopping and babysitting for my grandchildren after lunch.

Even though I was marking off my “to-do” list, I was somewhat distracted by multiple phone calls, rescheduling appointments, and having to add things to my schedule. I guess I just had too many things on my mind and the clock was ticking.

The Battle

I finally reached a point where I could go to the grocery store, so I headed out to the garage with my list “in my head”! LOL

Many years ago, I developed the habit of always opening the garage BEFORE I get in the car. I do this for two reasons: (1) so I won’t back into the door; and (2) the safety factor of not starting the car with the door down.

Upon hearing the door go up, I proceeded to get into my car. I started my car, checked the backup cameras and all was good. I started backing out and then I heard this awful sound of scratching and cracking. I immediately stopped and pulled forward.

When I got out to see what it could be, I realized that the garage door had indeed opened but then dropped down a little. This small drop caused the door to catch the satellite antenna (or shark fin as I like to call it) on the roof and completely rip it off the car.

I was so mad!!! I really didn’t have time for this kind of issue ….. but no one ever has time for this kind of issue. I gathered up all the pieces I could. Reopened the door and made sure it stayed all the way up and went ahead to the grocery store. Let’s just say it wasn’t my best shopping trip!

The Result

I finished my shopping, put the groceries away, ate a bite of lunch, made an appointment with the collision center at my local dealership for the next day and made it to babysit on time.

The visit with the collision center went well. Yes, I was a little embarrassed and the employee did laugh! He did try to ease my embarrassment by saying “actually this happens more often than you would think”. I just smiled and owned my mistake! The price ….. well…. we won’t discuss that. Let’s just say it was an expensive lesson but fixable!!!

The Moral of the Story
  • I am grateful that we are able to have the car repaired.
  • Backup cameras are awesome, but don’t show you everything.
  • Know the height of your vehicle!
  • Never trust the garage door!

By the way, the garage door is fine!!!


Without question, every woman wants to look her best. While our bodies age and our faces change, often our makeup routine does not. We tend to stick with what is familiar. If you ask women what they think their best feature is, the answer is usually their eyes. If the eyes are that important, then we must talk about the best mascara for the mature woman.

fashion girl makeup paint
Photo by Breakingpic on Pexels.com

First, there are so many brands and types of mascara that it can be overwhelming to consider a change. However, when we get older we generally want to use a mascara that makes our lashes look fatter and fuller.

Second, the mature woman should stick with black because other colors, especially brown can make you looked washed out.

Lastly, no one wants to look like a raccoon, so “no-smudge” is important.

Qualities of a Good Mascara for the Mature Woman
  • Brush Shape – Brush shape is important so that you can easily apply coverage on all your lashes. The best shape is one that works for people with large or small eyes. A narrow top and different length bristles allow for greater coverage.
  • Conditioner – Mascara that contains a conditioner is a great choice because it promotes lash growth and moisturizes the lashes.
  • Long Wear – The mature woman should look for brands that offer long wear without being waterproof. This helps prevent damage to lashes.
  • Lightweight – Ease of application is a must. Mascara for the mature woman must be easy to apply evenly. Texture matters and clumpy/thick mascara makes for a less desirable product.
Best Mascara for the Mature Woman Recommendation

My favorite mascara is Perversion by Urban Decay.

Urban Decay’s Perversion is a creamy, ultra pigmented mascara. It lengthens and volumizes lashes. It’s texture is not too wet or dry which allows for it to glide easily over the lashes.

I found that it doesn’t smudge or flake. I will admit that because it is so pigmented, if you make a mistake while applying, it can be messy to correct. I definitely learned to apply it more slowly with a steady hand.

Because Perversion is so pigmented, just soap and water may not be enough to remove it. I personally use a dab of Vaseline and a tissue to remove all of my eye makeup. The mascara comes off easily with this process.

It does come in waterproof, but unless you are swimming in your mascara, I can’t imagine that you would need it.

Perversion is a bit pricey at just under $50, however it lasts for a long time and in my opinion is well worth the money. In fact, I put this in my daughters’ Christmas stockings every year. It is one of their most beloved gifts!

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the best mascara for the mature woman, I believe that Perversion meets all of the qualifications you should be looking for. It is my personal favorite, I use it every day that I wear makeup. Click here if you would like to purchase Perversion now!


For the past ten years leak proof potty pads have been an essential element of my pet care routine. I have two small indoor dogs and the use of potty pads has worked well for me. Both dogs have been trained to potty outside as well as inside with potty pads.

My weekly routine varies, so if I have to leave the house for an extended period, the potty pads keep my dogs from having “accidents”. Use of these pads gives me the comfort that the needs of my pets are met even if I am not there. While they prefer to “go” outside, I don’t feel guilty when my schedule won’t allow me to regularly take them out.

Why These Potty Pads are May Favorite
  • Having tried several brands of potty pads, Amazon Basics Leak Proof Potty Pads are the pads my dogs prefer.
  • These pads truly are “leak proof” which protects my floors.
  • I purchase them in packages of 100 and the size is not too large to handle.
  • Online ordering gives me the convenience of home delivery when I need them.
  • The price for the 100 pack is less than I can find in local stores.

Amazon Basics Leak Proof Potty Pads are packaged well and easy to store. I keep one open package in a decorative container for easier access. I store the rest behind it. Ordering is always easy and delivery is quick so I am never without having enough.

Potty Pad Storage in my Family Room

This is one product that I will not do without. If you have small inside dogs, aging dogs or are considering getting a puppy, then these potty pads will not disappoint. Click here to order yours today! See more of my favorite dog care products in my post “My Favorite Dog Care Products.