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Well folks, another year and another birthday weekend in the mountains is in the books! Spending my birthday in “my happy place” is the perfect gift, no wrapping required. In addition, the weather was spectacular and although peak leaf season had passed, there was still quite a bit of color left on the trees.


Robby and I headed north Friday morning around 8:30a.m. and arrived in Maggie Valley about 12:30p.m. The sun was shining, the air was cool, and my skin and hair were delighted with the dry air.

After unpacking and getting “Silent Charlie” settled, I checked our food situation. To my surprise, we had food for breakfast the next day so grocery shopping could wait. Woohoo! It’s always nice when we don’t have to rush out to resupply the fridge.

Our tummies were growling, so we headed out have a late lunch at Boojums in Waynesville. The town was quite busy, however, we did manage to get a seat at the bar outside. Relaxation had begun.

Me and Silent Charlie

Robby and I ordered our favorite beverages, split an entrée and an appetizer, and enjoyed the sweater weather. As a bonus, the outdoor area is pet friendly, so we got to see all the pups too! It seems a little silly when I put it in writing, but these are the things that bring me joy.

A Little Shopping

With tummies full, we set out on foot to do a little shopping in town. First stop was in my favorite French boutique Logans Gifts and Home Decor, where I purchased perfume, hand cream, and a gorgeous multi-strand necklace. Every girl wants a little “bling” and to smell wonderful on her birthday!

Next stop was a new clothing boutique where I found a beautiful sweater that needed to go home with me! Seriously, sweater weather demands a new sweater and it was a perfect match for my new necklace!

Robby is a smart man! No need to buy me a birthday gift when he can simply turn me loose to shop in “my happy place”!

New Sweater and Necklace
Dancing Flames

As the air turned cooler, it was time to head home, walk the dog and settle in by the fireplace. That’s exactly what we did.

It’s My Birthday!

Saturday morning I awoke to the quiet of a cold crisp morning. Got the coffee brewing, walked the dog and cooked bacon and eggs. While I was cooking, “Silent Charlie” was content to sit in front of a little space heater for his “heater time”. To be truthful, we both love “heater time” in the mountains.

The smell of breakfast brought Robby downstairs and I was serenaded with “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”! The funny thing is that I had actually forgotten that it was my birthday! I don’t think I have ever done that before. It must have been the fresh mountain air or perhaps the altitude! LOL

The plan was to relax, relax, get dressed, relax, and then go to my favorite brewery for a lite lunch and then dinner reservations at 6:00p.m With dancing flames in the fireplace, relaxing was easy to do! So far my birthday weekend was terrific.

After a short drive to Canton, we arrived at Bear Waters Brewing. I was super excited to be there because, just a few months earlier it had been damaged by torrential rain and flooding. It was so nice to see them up and running once again.

It was too chilly to sit outside, however, the beauty of the sun shimmering on the river filled the indoor area with light. The sky was blue, the air was cool and the company even better. My birthday weekend is shaping up nicely!

Headed to Bear Waters
That View!!!!


You’ve probably noticed a pattern, I enjoy good food and good wine! Dinner was no exception. We had reservations at a small fine dining restaurant called The Chef’s Table. We have dined here once before and the food is exquisite. Dining here literally feels like you are sitting at the chef’s table and he is cooking just for you!

Decked out in my new sweater, necklace and perfume, Robby and I were seated at the exact same “table for two” as our last visit. We laughed and decided to declare “our table” now.

We settled in, relaxed and enjoyed a lovely evening together. As I sat across from my husband, I thanked God for a man willing to make my birthday weekend just what I wanted it to be.

Once again, with stomachs full, we took a stroll through town as we made our way back to the car. The night sky was clear and filled with stars and although the air was cold, it felt good in my lungs. It’s crispness refreshed my soul and for a short time I forgot about all the calories I had just consumed!!

“Silent Charlie” was glad we were home and we all settled in by the fire to watch a movie. Full stomachs and sleepiness got the best of us and of course, we fell asleep on the couch having no idea how the movie ended! Oh well, “party people” we are NOT!!!

Final Thoughts

Robby and I spent two more days at the cabin before returning home. This was the only trip that I can remember where there was no rain in Maggie Valley. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. I could not have asked for a more perfect birthday weekend.

More importantly, I am blessed with a husband who is generous and loves to see me happy. I am blessed with daughters and granddaughters who blew up my phone with calls, texts and birthday singing, hand made gifts and even a birthday PowerPoint.

No gift in the world could compare to the love and thoughtfulness of my family. They are the ones who made my birthday weekend so special!


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