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What do birthday, brunch and chats with cats have in common? A trip to Savannah to celebrate our youngest daughter’s birthday. Living in a town for “foodies” does have its benefits.

The Celebration

Robby and I arrived in Savannah in time to have a brief visit with our daughter. She actually had Friday and Saturday off from work so there was no rush on time. Since our dinner reservation was at 8:30, we decided to open presents beforehand. It doesn’t matter how old you are, everyone loves to receive and open gifts.

After catching up a bit, we headed to our hotel to check-in, change clothes and partake of the free evening mixer with beverages. I enjoyed a lovely white wine and some time to take in the “city vibe”.

We headed out to pick-up Victoria and let her guide us to the best parking garage in down town. Our first stop was at Whitakers, where she says the best margaritas are found! She is correct, the margaritas were awesome and the atmosphere fun (even for parents)!

I even managed to beat her at a round of darts. Probably should have let the birthday girl win, but fun was had by all.

The Restaurant

Feeling like a winner, the birthday girl, Robby and I headed to the restaurant. Thankfully she knows her way around and a short walk brought us to Alligator Soul, one of the finest restaurants in Savannah.

The restaurant is located on a side street and you have to go down below street level to enter. When we walked inside it felt like a whole different world. The architecture, bricks and smell of delicious cuisine touch all of your senses in the most magnificent way.

The wait staff provide the highest level of service and the menu is fine dining. We were in food heaven! I’m sure your wondering if alligator is on the menu and the answer is yes. We ordered a charcuterie board for starters and it contained candied alligator. It was sweet and honestly tasted like chicken.

I will spare you the details of everything we ate, but the wine, food and service were excellent. It was a lovely way to celebrate our daughter!

If you ever travel to Savannah, I highly recommend this restaurant. Yes, it is pricey but worth every penny. Also, plan ahead, you must have a reservation and they can be hard to get!

The Brunch

When in Savannah, one must have brunch. Not to mention the fact that brunch is one of my favorite dining experiences! On Saturday, I made reservations at one of our favorite restaurants, The 5 Spot. I thought we were going to have lunch but was pleasantly surprised that brunch was on the menu! Woohoo!!

I’ve written about The 5 Spot once before and it still remains a favorite. The brunch choices were many and the drink specials were numerous. With a full tummy our Savannah experience was almost complete.

Chats With Cats

While the dining was amazing, the best part about visiting is time with our daughter and her cat Lina. Lina is very sweet, social and loves to “chat”. She especially loves to “chat” with my husband Robby, which does make me a little jealous.

I usually talk with my daughter in the mornings while she is getting ready for work and Lina always jumps in the conversation. She can be quite loud depending on what she is telling me. Sometimes she even puts her face on the phone to better “chat” with me.

Lina has been a wonderful companion for my daughter and we adore her antics. This trip I managed to get some special attention from her. I even got selfies for proof. So I guess that was the icing on the cake!

Final Thoughts

Our trips to Savannah are always delightful. Good food and a change of pace pleases our soul. But, time spent with our daughter and “chats with cats” is priceless. Looking forward to next year’s celebration already!


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