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November is a spectacular time of year to spend in the mountains. As a bonus, it’s also my birthday month! When my husband asked what I wanted for my birthday, I responded “I just want to spend my birthday at my cabin in the woods! And maybe dinner at one of my favorite restaurants.” Robby smiled and said “I can do that!”

I planned to drive up alone with my pups a day early so I could have a little cabin time to myself. After all, it is MY birthday! The drive wasn’t easy because of a lot of rain, but we made it and settled in with no problem. It still makes me smile when I pull in the top of the driveway and see my “cabin in the woods”. Robby joined me on Friday for the weekend!

Since I am task oriented and a planner, I brought enough food so that I wouldn’t have to immediately go grocery shopping. This gave me more time to do a little cleaning and a lot of enjoying the view!

My pups love being “mountain dogs”. The weather was cool and mostly sunny so they really enjoyed their walks. They love to smell all the different animal scents and I think they like the change of scenery. There are more windows to gaze through and sunny spots to lay in!

Robby arrived on Friday afternoon and we enjoyed some quiet time by the firepit! I don’t know what it is, but the combination of the warm fire and the view lend to interesting conversations and even attempts at solving all the world’s problems! LOL It could also be the wine talking! At any rate, there is always wisdom to be found around the firepit.

I made dinner reservations for my birthday at Birchwood Hall in Waynesville, NC. It is a lovely restaurant with a unique take on traditional Southern Recipes. I had the duck with a cranberry sauce and it was divine! We agreed to share dessert which was Banana Pudding in a large mason jar. Let’s just say there was nothing left!

Saturday was another cool and sunny day. I choose a trail to hike and we set out to conquer Yellow Face Trail at Waterrock Knob. The trail rating was moderate and we enjoyed a decent climb and spectacular views. I only had to shimmy down a few rocks and didn’t even get mud on my hiking shoes. Oh yeah, we didn’t see any bears! WHEW!

There is just something special about being on the top of a mountain peak with no one else around. The quiet is so pure that it causes you to realize how much noise we allow in our daily lives. The trail was an “out and back” so upon exiting the trailhead, we headed to a well deserved lunch.

Bear Waters Brewing in Maggie Valley is my favorite place for food, wine and relaxing by the creek. I was not disappointed! Robby and I rested our legs and enjoyed good food and a few beverages and simply let time pass by. Taking it slow with no agenda. Refreshing our minds, bodies and souls.

On Sunday, I needed to go into Waynesville to pick up a few gifts for Christmas. We decided to head out around lunchtime and hopefully grab a bite while out. I purchased the gifts I wanted rather quickly, so we wandered down main street looking for somewhere to eat. It was our lucky day because we stumbled onto a restaurant called “Firefly” that has brunch on Sunday. You must understand that brunch on Sunday is one of my all time favorite things to do! I had a pineapple Mimosa and the food was excellent. It felt like I had “hit the jackpot”.

I spent the rest of the day doing a little cleaning in preparation for leaving on Monday. Of course, a nap was definitely on the agenda and a little more time by the firepit to end the day.

This was definitely one of the best birthdays that I have ever had. My daughters sent me all kinds of birthday texts and calls. Friends sent lots of birthday wishes. My husband made it all about me! I am blessed to be loved so well by my family!

My cabin in the woods made this a very happy birthday!!

Looking forward to coming back for Thanksgiving 2020!

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