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Without question, every woman wants to look her best. While our bodies age and our faces change, often our makeup routine does not. We tend to stick with what is familiar. If you ask women what they think their best feature is, the answer is usually their eyes. If the eyes are that important, then we must talk about the best mascara for the mature woman.

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First, there are so many brands and types of mascara that it can be overwhelming to consider a change. However, when we get older we generally want to use a mascara that makes our lashes look fatter and fuller.

Second, the mature woman should stick with black because other colors, especially brown can make you looked washed out.

Lastly, no one wants to look like a raccoon, so “no-smudge” is important.

Qualities of a Good Mascara for the Mature Woman
  • Brush Shape – Brush shape is important so that you can easily apply coverage on all your lashes. The best shape is one that works for people with large or small eyes. A narrow top and different length bristles allow for greater coverage.
  • Conditioner – Mascara that contains a conditioner is a great choice because it promotes lash growth and moisturizes the lashes.
  • Long Wear – The mature woman should look for brands that offer long wear without being waterproof. This helps prevent damage to lashes.
  • Lightweight – Ease of application is a must. Mascara for the mature woman must be easy to apply evenly. Texture matters and clumpy/thick mascara makes for a less desirable product.
Best Mascara for the Mature Woman Recommendation

My favorite mascara is Perversion by Urban Decay.

Urban Decay’s Perversion is a creamy, ultra pigmented mascara. It lengthens and volumizes lashes. It’s texture is not too wet or dry which allows for it to glide easily over the lashes.

I found that it doesn’t smudge or flake. I will admit that because it is so pigmented, if you make a mistake while applying, it can be messy to correct. I definitely learned to apply it more slowly with a steady hand.

Because Perversion is so pigmented, just soap and water may not be enough to remove it. I personally use a dab of Vaseline and a tissue to remove all of my eye makeup. The mascara comes off easily with this process.

It does come in waterproof, but unless you are swimming in your mascara, I can’t imagine that you would need it.

Perversion is a bit pricey at just under $50, however it lasts for a long time and in my opinion is well worth the money. In fact, I put this in my daughters’ Christmas stockings every year. It is one of their most beloved gifts!

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the best mascara for the mature woman, I believe that Perversion meets all of the qualifications you should be looking for. It is my personal favorite, I use it every day that I wear makeup. Click here if you would like to purchase Perversion now!

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