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The past two weeks seem like a blur. Being flexible with change has been the key to maintaining my sanity. I typically leave a fair amount of “cushion” in my schedule, but sometimes things change and you find yourself full of activity.


If you’ve followed me for a while, then you know that I love to plan. My favorite quote is: “If you don’t have a plan then you’ve planned to do nothing.” It is a rare occasion that I don’t have plan, but even the best laid plans don’t always work out. This is when flexibility comes into play.

The Oxford dictionary defines flexibility as the quality of bending easily without breaking; the ability to be easily modified; and willingness to change or compromise. I can’t honestly say that I am always willing to compromise; however, I have found that if I don’t, breaking will happen!

Shifting Dates

It all started with a dentist appointment that I forgot to put on my calendar. Then the contractors for our shower renovation received all our materials and had an opening for installation that same week. Suddenly my “cushion” was disappearing. My well planned week was now getting complicated as we were also leaving on Friday for a trip to our “cabin in the woods”.

I quickly began shifting my “to-do’s” and making room for all of these things to happen. Being flexible allowed me to get my teeth clean and sparkling, prepare for the all day shower install and still be ready for our trip. By the way the shower is amazing!!!!!!

Pic of new shower installation
New Shower!

Mountain Time

Even our time at the cabin was filled with change. We were there for four days and each day had a different temperature. It started out dry and pleasant, then snowed overnight with bitter cold wind, next was sunny but still cold, and finally sunny and warm. Let’s just say our plans had to be fluid. We had a terrific time and I was able to get some things done while staying warm inside. Once more I got to practice being flexible!

The Next Week

The cabin visit cut the next week short so I found myself a little pressed to accomplish my “to-do” list. I prepped and delivered our taxes to accountant, managed a “meal train” for a friend, facilitated discussions at Sisterhood Bible Study, managed plans for weekend small group meeting, had dinner with daughter and grands and finally attended a formal charity event.

Let’s just say there was NO cushion in the calendar. With the exception of dealing with our taxes, everything else was delightful! I may not have had time to spare, but each of these events were spent with people I love and care about. Being flexible allowed me to connect in meaningful ways with others.

Connecting with family and our community is a priority for Robby and me. It is something we pursue with intention. It’s not always easy, but the value of community and “finding your people” far outweighs any inconvenience.

Final Thoughts

I’m pretty sure God is teaching me a lesson in being flexible. My preference is routine and following a plan, specifically, MY PLAN. Life, however, doesn’t always follow my plan. LOL!! It may not be my strength right now, but being flexible and learning to compromise and easily modify is teaching me to make room for the most valuable things and people. And, do it with a good attitude!

I would love to hear your comments on how you deal with change and if you are flexible?


  1. God has been working on my flexibility for years! He has made progress, but I still love it when a plan is executed according to, well, the plan. Haha!

  2. I am a planner and list-maker and contingency-planner. On steroids. But I have learned and experienced the power and beautiful release of flexibility. Finally. At 62.
    Leigh, you look gorgeous in your pics! You and hubby are quite the elegant pair in the festive ball photos. Thanks for sharing!❤

    1. Oh thank you so much for your kind words! It was a fun evening especially since we are pretty casual in daily life! I think you and I could totally get along …. just planning and re-planning and nerding out! Lol. I appreciate you very much! Best Wishes! Leigh

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