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I recently had my hair colored and cut. It was much needed as my grey roots were showing like dull diamonds through my brown hair. While I was enjoying my “salon time”, I started thinking about roots. My mind was racing with all kinds of thoughts.

The definition of the word root as a noun is the part of a plant that attaches to the ground and provides water and nourishment to the plant. The verb “root” means to cause to grow or establish deeply and firmly.

My thoughts shifted to the important role roots play in our lives. I color my hair because the roots cause it to grow.

My faith, family and values keep me rooted and grounded in how I live my life.

Hidden roots are the kind that cause me to stumble both literally and internally. So let’s talk about roots.

Roots You Cover

I spend a lot of time and money trying to keep my grey roots covered. Premature grey hair runs in my family and I have been fighting this color battle for years.

So far, I am still winning! I feel my best when my hair is close to it’s original natural color of dark brown. It seems silly to hide the fact that I color my hair. I am very open and honest about it. These roots are the kind that are completely appropriate to cover up!

There are other roots, however, that aren’t so easy to hide and reveal a lot about us.

Relational Roots

We all have relational roots. These are the roots that connect us to places and people. Where we are born and live as well as our family and friends root is in a place of belonging. This belonging creates a condition of feeling settled.

Relational roots can also be found in what we value. My faith is a huge part of who I am and how I live my life.

The values we embrace and the people we love serve to keep us grounded and focused on doing our best in all circumstances. Our relational roots run deep and provide the physical, emotional and spiritual nourishment that we all crave and need.

Hidden Roots

Hidden roots are the most troublesome. When I hike in the woods, even though the scenery is beautiful, I keep watch on the ground because tree roots can cause me to fall. Nobody wants to be 2 miles into a trail and have an injury.

My daughter ran cross country in high school. The run trail always wound in and out of the woods. I can remember a few occasions where she emerged with scraped up knees and elbows. Hidden roots had done their work!

Are your roots showing?  Pic of hidden tree roots on trail.
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There are more deceptive and damaging roots that affect us. Roots of bitterness, anger, pride and unforgiveness hold us captive to negative experiences and emotions that skew our perspective for the future.

These roots can’t be seen but are definitely felt. You can’t simply cover these roots and walk away. They must be exposed, unpacked and brought to closure.

In doing this hard work, they no longer hold you captive. You are free to move forward in your future, establishing new experiences with healthy roots.

Final Thoughts

I’ll ask this final question of myself and you the reader, “Are your roots showing”?

If they are then ….

  • Cover the roots that need some color.
  • Embrace the roots that you value and keep you grounded.
  • Expose the roots that hold you captive.

It’s hard work taking care of roots. Watering, pruning and perhaps even uprooting are the necessary actions needed to maintain healthy roots. I hope that all your roots run deeply and nourish you richly.

“All things must come to your soul from its roots, from where it is planted” Saint Teresa Avila

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