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It’s that time of year to reassess your health and what you should change. Drinking more water has definitely made my list. Before year end, I had improved my water intake to at least one 8oz. bottle a day but that is just not enough.

Water plays an important role in how the body works by controlling temperature, flushing out toxins, lubricating joints and even helping your skin (which is the largest organ in the body). AND….it is a necessity for proper cell functioning. I don’t know about you, but I want my cells working “right”!

Since I am petite in size and my activity level is moderate, I don’t need 8 (8oz.) glasses a day, but I should increase what I am currently doing. So, my goad is nwo two 8oz. bottles each day. The benefits will be a better body, inside and out!

What’s the take away…….


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