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It’s week 7 of COVID19 “lockdown”/”stay at home” order and I decided to busy myself with a DIY project that has been neglected for several years. Our front porch has iron railings that are supposed to be black but after 20 years of South Carolina weather, they were a rusted shade of light grey. I rarely go in the front door so “out of sight, out of mind” took over. I just didn’t realize how bad they were looking.

I did some research through Pinterest to see how others had repainted their railings and came up with a plan of action. Monday through Wednesday of this week offered the perfect weather to get this project done, so my mission began!

The pics above show the condition of the railings. I had previously gone over the railings with a metal brush to remove rust and loose paint. Robby pressure washed them the previous weekend as well. As you can see, I decided to paint them in place rather than taking them down. I simply used paper, painters tape, drop clothes and cardboard to prevent “over spray”.

First I sprayed all the railings with a Rust Restorer base coat that turns black. All of the products I painted with were made by Rust-o-leum and can be found in any hardware store. There is not enough room to walk behind the railings to get to the backside, so I had to climb over the railings and work around the shrubbery. It wasn’t easy and I’m sure my neighbors enjoyed watching me climbing around like a monkey on my porch. Sorry folks, no pics of me “monkeying around”!

Above is a pic of the railings after the primer coat. Already looking better. After waiting a full 24 hours, I began spray painting with a black gloss enamel for use on metal. These cans all had trigger sprayers but if you use a regular spray can, I highly recommend you also purchase the trigger attachment. It will save your fingers and hand a lot of pain. Also the paint sprays much more smoothly with the trigger. I had to spray the paint in two sessions so that it could dry enough for me to climb over and do the backside. I painted everything you can see straight on from the front in the morning, and then after the sun set, I painted the backside of the railings on the steps.

I am so pleased with how they turned out. The black looks great and I only had a few spots to clean on the columns. Now that the railings look so nice, the front door is looking pretty sad. I have a plan for it …… maybe that’s next weekend’s project!

I have never done a project like this. It challenged me and I learned a few things along the way. I took a risk and it paid off. It wasn’t easy but definitely rewarding. Don’t let fear stop you from trying some DIY projects of your own.

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