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Robby and I recently drove south for another celebration in Savannah. It was time to celebrate our daughter’s birthday and Savannah never disappoints. Packed with gifts and a birthday cake we headed south for a 3 hour drive.


We arrived around noon got a quick bite of lunch before making our way to our daughter’s new condo. After parking on the street, we loaded our arms with the “goodies” and rang her bell. There is nothing like the joy of seeing your child face to face!

She gave us the tour and we proceeded to open gifts and eat cake. Of course there were lots of cuddles from her cat who got presents as well. Our daughter was hungry so we headed out to a really cool place we had never been.

Starland Yard

We arrived at Starland Yard which is unique and fabulous all at the same time. It is a food truck park, bar, kid and pet friendly place with outdoor seating in multiple levels. The weather was terrific so our daughter got food and we got beverages and tried out several different spots for seating.

What is unique is that you enter, get a wrist band if you are over 21 and can open a tab with a card all in one spot. Then anywhere you go for food or beverages can be put on your tab. You close out your tab at the exit and I must say this is genius!!!!

Of course I wanted to pat all the dogs and much to our surprise there was a small goat on a leash there as well. Had to look twice on that one. We settled on sitting on an open air upper level, where the Savannah breeze made the view spectacular.


After Starland, it was time for Robby and I to check-in to our Airbnb which was just around the corner from our daughter. We had the bottom unit of a renovated three story traditional Savannah home. Check-in was completely digital and super easy.

Our accommodations were lovely with a spacious bedroom, 1 bathroom, family room, and gorgeous renovated kitchen. I must add that the space was immaculately clean! We felt right at home and took a little time to relax before dinner.

We have stayed in several different hotels before, but I highly recommend trying an Airbnb if you visit Savannah. Being a historical tourist town, there are lots of great places to stay.

Birthday Dinner

It has been our tradition to take our daughters out to eat on their birthdays. This year a lovely French restaurant was chosen. Circa 1875 was amazing. Let me first say that as a family, we love all things French and this restaurant made me feel like I had stepped into a fancy Parisian restaurant.

One of Victoria’s friends joined us for dinner and although we couldn’t pronounce anything on the menu, our waiter guided us all to the perfect choices. I had the crab cakes and they were divine. Oh yeah, the French wine made my heart happy. Good food, great company and a gorgeous restaurant all add up to a very fine evening!

Last Stop

While in Savannah, you must take advantage of the many nightlife options. The girls decided to take us to an upscale bar called The Peacock Lounge. You will find it on the lower level of Whitaker Street. It was like stepping back in time to a speakeasy.

The lighting was low and everyone was dressed up and the bar was simply gorgeous. This was my jam. We had some specialty beverages, chatted and relaxed. Once we had our fill, it was time to head home. A nice walk in the brisk air to the parking garage made us think we were burning off at least some of the calories we had consumed. LOL!

Final Thoughts

After a good nights sleep, we headed back to our daughter’s condo to take care of a few “dad chores” and visit a little longer before heading home. If I were rating all of my visits to Savannah, this is one of my favorites. I tried new things and places and of course time with my daughter is always time well spent. Another celebration in Savannah gets an A+.

If you find yourself in Savannah, then check out the venues I mentioned. I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

Happy Traveling Everyone!


  1. We’ve been to Savannah several times–wouldn’t mind visiting there again to take in the wonderful historic homes, the art museum, the park squares, delicious restaurant fare, and all those fun shops along the river! Glad you and your daughter enjoyed it as well.

    1. Thank you Nancy! So glad that you have had the pleasure of visiting this fabulous city. My daughter lives and works there and she definitely takes advantage of all it has to offer. Thanks for stopping by and Best Wishes! Leigh

  2. Oh my goodness. You were in our gorgeous Savannah. So cool. Saarland Yard is one of our favorite spots. I love it that you had such a good time.

    1. Yes I was in your fine City of Savannah! I really adored Starland Yard and would love to go there again on our next visit to see our daughter. There’s just something special about Savannah! Best Wishes and have a great weekend! Leigh

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