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Robby and I have recently returned from another weekend trip to our “cabin in the woods”. We traveled over the 4th of July weekend and planned to stick close to the cabin. With Covid19 numbers rising we decided to keep it simply and just get enough groceries for the weekend, grill and simply relax with no agenda. That is exactly what we did!!

We have had some work done on the exterior and fresh trimming of our landscaping. Since it is almost completely natural, that means that we had someone help us “tame” the jungle that will try to take over if you let it. This was the first time we had seen the freshened look and we were so pleased.

It was a good thing that we planned to grill our food because on Saturday afternoon a wonderful storm came through and left us without power. So dinner by candlelight was the evening entertainment. Fortunately, the rain cooled down the temps, so it was very pleasant having the windows and doors open.

Heavy rainfall
Love the wine bottle candle holder
The look of relaxation

The biggest adventure was finding another bag of trash on our extra lot below. Clearly “our bear” had been visiting. I also found tracks at the top of our driveway while walking my pups. Don’t confuse me for a super outdoorsy survival gal, but I have learned to look for and spot animal tracks where we walk and hike. The highlight was checking our field camera and getting a fantastic glimpse of “our bear”. He/she is one of this year’s cubs that we have caught on camera before. The bear seems to like the territory around our cabin so we fondly call him “our bear”.

We hated to leave but work and our real lives beckoned our return. Looking forward to our next trip and perhaps an update on “bear’s” antics!!

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