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About a week ago, I made a trip to my “happy place”! It was just me and my pups at my cabin in the woods. I was looking forward to a little time alone with the quiet.

I arrived on a Thursday afternoon with my laptop and Ipad. The only thing on the agenda was reading and a little work on the computer. The weather was gorgeous and the leaves on the mountains are just starting to change colors.

Once the pups were settled, I headed off to the grocery store. The store is surrounded by mountains, so the view is spectacular! I only needed a few things so shopping was quick. I headed home for some time on the porch.

Through the glass doors I could see that the porch needed a little sweeping. Upon further inspection, I realized that our bear, “Smokey” had visited the porch deck and tried to steal a large bag of charcoal. The bag was heavy and I am sure he was not gentle. He had burst it open and poured charcoal all the way down the steps to the ground level deck! I had quite the mess to clean up!!

Since Robby wasn’t with me, I would have to wait to see if our field camera had gotten a few shots of our naughty bear! We did learn a lesson and will not keep charcoal on the deck anymore! LOL

The pups enjoyed quite a few walks up our steep driveway and on the roads above our cabin. There are so many new smells and they love to track every scent. I always check for animal tracks and “other” evidence to see what’s been nearby. The only obvious animal presence were dozens upon dozens of squirrels and chipmunks gathering nuts for the coming cold.

Friday morning ushered in another gorgeous day. The weather was cool and crisp with plenty of sunshine. I used the blower to rid the decks of leaves and spider webs. Then I rewarded myself with a sweet treat and beverage. It just doesn’t get any better than this. Listening to sounds of the woods. The crackling of the leaves and breeze whispering by. The pleasure of being alone with nature.

The weather turned wet and chilly on Saturday. I had planned on going into to town for a little window shopping. Since the rain was so persistent, I just stayed inside and enjoyed the sound of the rain falling on the leaves. This was perfect weather for reading by the fireplace and that’s just what I did.

Sunday brought more rain and warmer temps. This combination left a heavy fog to cover the whole mountain. While the day was gray, I did manage to get some lovely pics. A few are even a little spooky.

On one of the pups walks, I heard a strange animal noise. I knew it was some kind of bird but it wasn’t the ones we usually see. Upon topping the driveway, I looked to my right and saw a large wild turkey. Fortunately the pups didn’t see it or they would have been dragging me to chase it!

Later that evening I was taking a peek up the driveway and was surprised to see three wild turkeys walking around the upper driveway. I did manage to get a pic of my “guests”.

Once night fell, the fog remained and provided for a really spooky setting around the cabin. It’s funny how different the same setting can look with a little darkness and fog! I couldn’t help but think of how many scary movies have a cabin in the woods, in the dark with fog! Now determined NOT to FREAK myself out!!!!!

I planned to return home Monday morning. While drinking my morning coffee and reading my Bible, I reflected on my time alone. The quiet had been glorious and I achieved everything on my agenda. The change of scenery and slower pace refreshed my body and soul. A “reset” had happened and this is why my cabin in the woods is my “happy place”!

A week and half later, my husband went up to the cabin. He retrieved the pics from the field camera and got a few terrific shots of “Smokey”.

Can’t wait until our next adventure!

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