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Well, 2020 has been quite the year! I had accepted that the traditional Thanksgiving Family Gathering was not going to take place. So I decided to be flexible and proactive in making a different kind of plan.

Out of State Daughter

My youngest daughter lives and works retail in Savannah, GA. I knew that she would have a busy work schedule for “Black Friday” and the Thanksgiving weekend. She was, however, able to come into Florence for a visit the weekend before. We were all able to attend her niece’s birthday party and spend some time together as a family.

Robby and I took Victoria to dinner and then brunch on Sunday and we called that “our Thanksgiving meal” with her. Even though it wasn’t turkey, the company and time spent together is what Thanksgiving is all about. On Monday morning, we hugged and said our goodbyes until the next visit!

In Town Daughter

Since Robby and I had decided to leave for our cabin in the woods on Thanksgiving day, I arranged to have dinner with our oldest daughter and grandchildren on Tuesday night. Rather than put either of us through the stress of cooking, I ordered and picked up food from a restaurant and we had “Thanksgiving Dinner” at her house.

We had a lovely time with the grandchildren and even had time to play some games with them. Clean up of the kitchen was a breeze since no one had to cook! It was a good evening for everyone! This also gave her the flexibility to see her husband’s extended family with no pressure during the holiday.

To The Cabin

Robby and I left for the mountains Thanksgiving morning. I had already purchased small portions of traditional Thanksgiving food from QVC and all that was needed is to heat it up in the oven.

Our cabin trip was relaxing with no stress. The food we brought lasted the whole weekend! Time spent by the firepit refreshed our souls.

My preference would be to have the traditional family gathering, but sometimes life just doesn’t give you that option. I have lived long enough to know that while traditions are important, relationship is the MOST important.

My “Two Cents”

Although our “Thanksgiving” activities did not look like most families, we spent precious time with each daughter and grandchild. Flexibility is the key and we will always be open to doing things a little different! Where love is involved, you will always find a way!

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