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On my most recent trip to the cabin, a tailgate picnic was on our agenda. The weather was spectacular and the Blue Ridge Parkway beckoned us to sit for a while. We came prepared and I thought I would share just how easy and fun it was.


It’s pretty obvious that you can’t have a tailgate picnic without supplies. I discovered that Amazon offers a cooler backpack that includes a blanket for a very reasonable price. The blanket is gray and black plaid with the underside covered in waterproof material. This was perfect for placing in the bed of the truck. We also brought two folding beach chairs from home so we could sit comfortably in the back.

The backpack cooler was lightweight with several pockets on the outside for holding plates, utensils, etc. The inside was roomy enough to hold food for two. It even had two side pockets that would hold a wine bottle. Clearly that made it a winner for me.

In addition, I ordered a stainless steel wine container with two stainless cups with lids. Yes, I am describing adult “sippy cups”. Nobody wants to spill their drink on the picnic blanket!!!!


The Blue Ridge Parkway is full of overlooks where you can park and check out the view. We chose the Mile High Overlook. At an elevation of 5,250 feet, this view is spectacular.

Robby backed the truck into a parking spot so the tailgate would face the overlook. It felt like the beauty of this place literally surrounded us like a gentle cloud. The quiet is so pure, you almost feel guilty talking.

The air was crisp with a beautiful sunset in the background. Aside from our occasional conversation, the only sounds were from the mountains themselves.

The Setup

Setting up the tailgate picnic was super easy. Here’s what we did:

  • Lowered tailgate
  • Spread out blanket
  • Placed beach chairs on blanket
  • Unpacked backpack with food
  • Poured a beverage and relaxed.
  • When done, pack it all back up!

I choose already prepared food, real plates and silverware to keep it easy and environmentally friendly. I also brought a trash bag for any garbage and put dirty dishes in a container for transporting home.

Final Thoughts

Robby and I both agreed that the tailgate picnic was the highlight of our trip. Being prepared helped to make the experience easy and fun. The view did not disappoint and we plan to try out other overlooks in the future.

You don’t need a “mile high” view to do this. Any spot that is meaningful to you and of course, allows parking, can be the perfect place for a tailgate picnic. Get outdoors and give it a try. It will be the best “table for two” that doesn’t require a reservation!

Happy Fall Everyone!


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