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Once again, Robby and I were able to make a trip to “my happy place” – our cabin in the woods. We were both ready for a little rest and refreshment for our bodies and soul. The bonus was that the weather was much cooler than home in SC.

Unlike our previous visit (where we completely replaced the furniture in the master), we didn’t have any real agenda. We did bring a gas fueled fire pit for our lower deck, but that required no assembly, so Robby was HAPPY!!

Saturday Arrival

We arrived in Maggie Valley about lunchtime on Saturday afternoon. The weather was a cool 72 and it was so refreshing. When we left Florence, the humidity was about 100% which means instant sweating – UGH!

The cabin was in good shape, so I walked the dogs, ate a small bit of lunch, watched some TV and then we headed to the grocery store. We only needed a few things and we got our dinner from their cafe which kept things super simple. It was a good day.

Sunday Funday

I cooked breakfast Sunday morning and we enjoyed some time to just relax and refresh. Robby had a few tasks to do outside and I went about getting dressed and doing a little cleaning. The weather was about 78 with low humidity and a nice breeze. Being outside was delightful for me and the pups loved it too.

For lunch we went to our favorite brewery, Bear Waters, and enjoyed dining by the creek (socially distanced of course). The sound of the water rushing by is so soothing to my soul. We both could probably sit there for hours, but we did eventually make it back to the cabin. We were super full, so no need for dinner! YEAH!

Since the weather was so nice, around 8:30p.m. Robby started me a fire in the fire pit. We sat by the fire, looked at the stars and thought about nothing. It was so lovely.

Loving the new fire pit!
Monday Departure

Monday morning I cooked breakfast and we began cleaning and preparing to leave in the afternoon. We both had time for lunch on the deck, reading and a nap before we left. The ride home was uneventful and we always talk about when we can return.

Some may think that such a short weekend trip just isn’t enough to really feel rested and refreshed. For us, the change of scenery and routine always gives us a fresh perspective for when we return home.

The mountains are always calling and I must go!!!

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