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Well Christmas 2020 has come and gone. The decorations are packed and stored away. And now I have a moment to reflect. It was GOOD! 2020 has been a tough year, however, this Christmas season was easy going and relaxing.

Our family celebrated Christmas on two different days. Our daughter in Savannah was unable to come home on Christmas day, so we decided to have two celebrations! I love watching the Hallmark and Lifetime Christmas movies where everyone comes home and celebrates Christmas together. This just isn’t the reality for our family, so we make it work!

Christmas Day – Celebration #1

Since Christmas Day was Friday, Robby and I stuck to our regular weekday routine. I got up at 5:00 and got on the treadmill for my 20 minute wake-up walk. We proceeded to drink coffee and read for a bit, then open presents.

This was the first year that our nest has been empty on Christmas Day. It was a little strange with just Robby and I opening gifts, but we enjoyed the moment and reflected on times past. It was good to simply enjoy each other and talk about our fondest Christmas memories when the girls were little. P.S. we don’t miss dealing with the toy packaging and garbage from those days! LOL

We had decided to wear matching Christmas pajamas all day and force complete relaxation upon ourselves! I did shower and fix my hair and makeup so I wouldn’t look like I had just rolled out of bed.

After getting myself together, I started preparing the breakfast casserole that I would be taking to our daughter and son-in-law’s house. I miscalculated the cooking time but managed to get everything ready anyway. At 11:00a.m. we drove the 2 miles to my daughter’s house and jumped into Christmas fun with our grandchildren.

They were waiting with smiling faces and we were ready for a little bit of chaos. The girls are 7 and 3 this year, so unwrapping their gifts from us took all of about 10 minutes total. Wow, they have learned to be very efficient unwrappers!

Pictures were taken, toys were unpackaged and hugs and kisses were abundant! It was so lovely to be able to participate in the joy of Christmas through the eyes of our grandchildren and to leave all the garbage with their parents!

Now it was time for the breakfast casserole! Time at the table has always been my favorite. The conversations that take place while sharing a meal (especially with children) are priceless. We told stories, talked about our favorite gifts and reminisced with our daughter about Christmas past.

With stomachs now full, it was time to try out some toys and games. The bow and arrow set (suction tips) was a hit. The glass storm door was the perfect target. “Jake the Rattlesnake” was the favorite game. No spoilers, but everyone needs to play this game. It is hysterical!

As the fun began to turn into “tired”, Mimi and Popi headed home full of joy and ready for naps! As we planned, Robby and I spent the rest of the day just “chillin” and it was good.

Christmas – Celebration #2

Our daughter from Savannah arrived on Sunday after Christmas and was able to spend the night and return Monday afternoon. I prepared two pans of a one-dish chicken dinner and upon her arrival at noon, we headed over to her sister’s house with food and gifts to celebrate once again.

Our grandchildren were so excited to see “Aunt Tata”. She is the coolest one in the family of course! Even though it was two days later, there was no lack in Christmas Spirit. The girls dove right in to opening gifts from their aunt. My two daughters enjoyed some much needed time together exchanging thoughtful gifts. Robby and I simply enjoyed it all!

Once all the gift chaos was over, we headed to the table once again to share a meal and more stories. Just like me, my daughters love to sit and talk around the table. It was so much fun to remember the old and embrace the new with the little girls in our family.

The grandchildren could hardly wait to get Aunt Tata to shoot some arrows and play some games. Let’s just say she wins the award for best reaction to “Jake the Rattlesnake”!!! It was so good for her to have some time with her nieces and sister. It just never seems long enough.

A full stomach and all games having been played, it was time to leave and seek out the perfect spot for a nap. And that is exactly what we did.

Robby and Victoria spent some time by the outdoor fireplace and then we headed out for a quick dinner bite. The time was going by too quickly and we wanted to make the most her visit. The meal was delicious and the company even better. At home we did our favorite thing and engaged in a “friendly” game of Scrabble. Yes, we did keep score and I did WIN!!!

Victoria left the next day. Work and her life in Savannah were calling.


Our Christmas may not have looked like a Hallmark movie, but that was not our goal. Spending time with our daughters and grandchildren is always the priority. Being flexible and making it work has become our moto. Who knows what next year’s Christmas will look like but as for Christmas 2020, it was GOOD!

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