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Another trip to my cabin in the woods is in the books. We managed to get a four day weekend out of this trip to celebrate Robby’s birthday in the mountains. The weather in Maggie Valley is always quickly changing so our plans are usually flexible. Good thing we planned it that way because Saturday was a day for staying inside.

The Travel

We left Friday morning by 8:30a.m. and hoped to arrive by 12:30p.m. Traffic on I-26 had other ideas. An accident (always unfortunate) jammed up the interstate and added an extra 30 minutes to our journey. My bladder and my dog Charlie were pushed to the limit!! LOL

The sun was shining brightly for the entire trip until we arrived in Maggie Valley. There, it was overcast but no rain was in the forecast. This was good as we had several tasks to accomplish once we unloaded.

The Tasks

On the last day of our previous visit, our internet modem decided to break. The internet provider is only open during the week so we had to wait until this trip to try and replace it.

Robby unloaded the car, I walked the dog, mentally made a grocery list, unplugged the broken modem and off to the internet storefront we went. Since we’re “part-timers” in Maggie Valley, we were not exactly sure where we were going, but thanks to Google, we arrived in plenty of time.

The beauty of a small town is definitely excellent service. The internet folks were so nice and helpful. I was in and out with a brand new modem in 5 minutes. Wow! That was easy!

Now we headed to the grocery store to pick up what we needed for our stay. Again, Robby and I seemed to be working together with ease, filling our basket and heading home as quickly as possible.

After unloading again, we put away the groceries, ate our late lunch from the deli and took a minute to just breathe in the view. The beauty of the mountains from our kitchen table simply makes everything else seem unimportant. Well, everything except our need for WiFi!!!

Technology – The Installation

A glass of Pinot Grigio gave me the confidence (LOL) to take on the task of modem installation. Although I am not really tech savvy, for some reason all of the technology installs have been done by ME!! Probably because I read the instructions and Robby doesn’t! FYI He’s great at everything else!!!!!

The install instructions were basically plug it in, activate and you’re good to go. So, I plugged it in, tried to activate, but was NOT good to go. I called the number for help and hoped that the call would not be a trip around the mountain of frustration. I needed this to work, otherwise we would have no TV, no Ipads, no computer. We would only be able to use our phones on 5G. I mean that’s almost like being “off the grid”.

My call was answered by a lovely lady named Brandy and she was so sweet, patient and helpful. She confidently declared “I can get this fixed for you with no problem.” Although past experiences with this kind of thing have not proven to be “easy”, I believed her. She did some kind of fancy stuff on her end and just like that, the modem was working!

I thanked her for her help, gave her an excellent review on the post service survey and proceeded to enjoy a little relaxation with Netflix! I couldn’t believe we still had hours of daylight to enjoy ourselves.

What’s Next

With all of my tasks complete I wasn’t quite sure what to do next. It seemed like time slowed down when we arrived at our “happy place”. Time is such a precious commodity these days and Robby and I intended to embrace the time for rest. We spent the remainder of the evening sitting by the fire pit, sipping our beverage, looking at the amazing view, listening to the quiet and watching the darkness slowly take over the valley.

These are the moments that are good for the soul! Moments that are pure. Thoughts that are beautiful! They have no agenda. All that is required is to be present.

Morning Walks

Saturday morning began around 6:30a.m. Charlie needed a walk and it was time to get some coffee in my body. I knew the weather forecast was for rain most of the day on Saturday, so I was glad to get my Charlie out for his morning walk. He just loves to investigate all the new smells that the mountain has to offer.

It’s quite a funny thing, me in my PJs, walking Charlie and keeping watch for bears. Yes, we have bears and it is cub season, so anything is possible. We made it safely back to the cabin and after giving treats, I began cooking breakfast.

The Rain

About two hours later the rain arrived. We had no plans for the day except for a dinner reservation in town at 6:00p.m. As I listened to the rain falling, I felt a sense of calm. The rhythm of the rain on the roof and falling on the newly green leaves was music to my soul. I could see the clouds approaching and knew they would soon take over the mountain and surround our cabin with a mysterious fog.

Pic of rain
Pic of rain and a day for staying inside
Pic of rain in woods

It’s the kind of day for staying inside. A day to rest, think, read, write or simply sit by the fire with your loyal little dog. Another day to slow down a little and just be present. I love these kinds of days, especially at the cabin. Every room has a view and rain or shine the beauty of this place captures you and draws you in.

Thoughts with purpose and thoughts with no purpose at all find their way through your mind. Some stick and some don’t. There is often great revelation as well as no revelation at all. And that’s the beauty of a day for staying inside. Giving your mind and body time to get in alignment again.

Next Day

On Sunday, the sun was shining again. Today Robby and I planned to venture out to enjoy small town life and of course a stop at our favorite Wine Bar. However, Robby changed his mind and decided that hanging around the cabin and enjoying the beautiful weather was his preference. I agreed! The rain on Saturday made the sunshine at the cabin even more enjoyable.

We both found things we wanted to work on and simply let the day unfold as it desired. Around 4:00p.m. it was fire pit time and Robby and I enjoyed some beverages and light reading with a view! Feeling both mentally and physically refreshed, we discussed the solutions to all the world’s problems!

Pic of fire pit view of mountain

We didn’t really solve anything of course, but good wine and good conversation seem to make everything feel a little better. We ended the evening with New York Strips on the grill and a few episodes of “Expedition Bigfoot”! LOL I mean what else do you watch to freak yourself out at your cabin in the woods!

Final Thoughts

I hope you embrace the rainy days that are only fit for staying inside. These are the days where your mind and body can rest and dream. You may even catch a new vision or purpose for your life when you take the time to slow down and just be present.

The world seems to be moving at an ever growing pace. But, you don’t have to! Slow down when you can and take time to reset.

Hoping you all find your “Happy Place”!

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