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Summer is upon us and everything is heating up including our homes. That is not the only thing that’s going up, so is the power bill!! Here are 5 home decor changes that you can make to keep your home cooler this summer.

While there are may be many options available, the price tag is often high and just not practical for the everyday family. Such things as solar panels, new more efficient windows and doors, and replacing entire HVAC systems may be quite effective, they are also very expensive.

But don’t get discouraged, there are some simple and easy changes you can do yourself that will immediately yield results and you won’t need to touch your thermostat.

1. Window Treatments

Regardless of whether you have new or older windows, adding black out curtains can have a huge impact on the amount of heat coming in. The tightly woven backing of the fabric keeps light out and helps maintain a consistent temperature in the room. Not only are they effective in keeping the sun out in summer, but in winter they act as an insulator and help keep the room warm.

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2. Change Sheets and Blankets

What you sleep on and under matters. Changing out your sheets to a brand of cooling sheets will help you sleep better. There are several types of cooling sheets. Some are “breathable” which means they prevent sweat build up. Others are absorbent, meaning they will absorb sweat while sleeping. And lastly, there are moisture wicking brands which literally pull sweat to the outside of the sheet. Decide what your sleep needs are and purchase a brand that is best for you.

In addition, change out all of your heavy blankets for ones that are of a light weight variety. Blankets made from natural fibers like cotton and linen are perfect for the couch or bed.

3. No Heat Light Bulbs

I personally love the lighting that comes from lamps. However, lamps and overhead lighting can be a source of extra heat in your house. By simply changing the bulbs to energy efficient low heat LED bulbs, you can reduce the amount of heat emitted and keep your home cooler. These bulbs have lower wattage but produce the same amount of light.

4. Use Fans

With most homes having central HVAC systems, you don’t often think of adding fans to keep your home cooler. Using fans to circulate air in a room or help create cross ventilation is an excellent way to lower the temperature. Fan strength, design and footprint have changed greatly over the years. It is very easy to find a fan that is powerful without being large.

5. Consider a Portable AC Unit

There are so many options today for portable AC units. If you have a room that is just too hot, this is a perfect solution. These units can be easily moved if you have more than one space to cool. They range in price depending on how much square footage they can cover. The only restriction is that a window is necessary for venting the unit.

I personally have one of these units in the upstairs master bedroom of my cabin. We have a central HVAC system, but the cabin design does not allow for proper cooling of this bedroom. The portable unit we purchased was super easy to install and is very effective. We sleep cool and it has had very little impact on our power bill.

I hope you found some helpful ideas that you can easily implement to keep your home cooler this summer!


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