THE SECRET THINGS OF GOD – Unlocking the Treasures Reserved for You by Dr. Henry Cloud

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Well I have finished another book by Dr. Cloud called “The Secret Things of God“. It is safe to say that I really appreciate him as an author. I respect the way that he brings science and faith together in his books. His insight as a psychologist and man of faith provides practical truths to apply to your life. Dr. Cloud shows us how both tested scientific truths and spiritual truths can work together and help us “make life work”.

Here’s a quote that I think sums this book up “The Creator of the universe who set it all up has built into life spiritual laws that are as real as physical laws, like gravity, and when we get on the right side of those laws, life just works better.”

I hope to continue to share quotes and insights from this book in future posts and highly recommend reading it. As always, I found some of my own “stuff” that I need to work out. You will not be disappointed in investing your reading time in this book. Click here if you are interested in finding out more or purchasing a copy.

Happy reading everyone!

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