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Another book finished during “COVID19 lockdown”. I have been a follower of Joyce Meyer’s teachings and books for many years. I even attended her Women’s Conference last year. I find her teaching and books very practical and full of wisdom you can immediately apply to your life.

Your Battles Belong to the Lord is written for the purpose of helping you know your enemy and how to conquer that enemy. We all have times when everything just works out perfectly, but that is not a permanent state. Trials, challenges and problems find all of us as well, and it is important to know how to handle these circumstances and maintain peace.

Joyce clearly points out that while our “help comes from the Lord”, we do have a part to play in our own victory. This book clearly defines who the enemy is, how he works against us, and what our weapons are to stand against him.

This book was easy to read and full of both current and biblical examples to support the topic of each chapter. I would definitely recommend this book for someone interested in learning more in this area of spiritual growth.

If you are interested in purchasing Your Battle Belongs to the Lord, click here.

Happy Reading Everyone!

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