It’s Saturday ….. “lockdown” still in place ….. so …. what to do? This is a project that I have been putting off for a perfect weather day. Today started off quite overcast, but by noon, the sun was shining bright so I decided to go for it and be productive.

I’ve had this metal bench for many years. It was gifted to me by a friend who was moving out of state and I have always loved it! It was originally a dark metal green and I kept it that color until we moved to South Carolina. The weather here is brutal on anything left outside. A few years ago, rust and chipping paint had it looking pretty sad. I didn’t want to get rid of it, so I thought I would try and restore it.

I decided to brighten up our backyard by painting it this bright purple color. FYI, purple is my favorite color. It has held up well, but the past two hurricane seasons and hot summer weather took their toll. Once again, it needed a face lift!

I used a wire brush to remove rust and chipping paint and then got my spray cans ready. I actually had paint left from the last time I painted it, so this was a super easy project to complete. Amazing how a little paint can make an old thing look new again.

Looking forward to being able to shop for some new cushions (hopefully soon) and enjoying some “time on the bench”.

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